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Vox “satellite broadband for all” pricing

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Vox Telecom is getting ready to launch an affordable satellite broadband service in South Africa dubbed YahClick

Vox Telecom is planning to launch its YahClick satellite broadband service aimed at consumers and businesses in rural areas.

South Africa’s rural areas are not widely served via ADSL which means that there is a demand for affordable, flat rated broadband access.

While the mobile operators offer Internet access across the country, cost and speed in areas without 3G coverage can be prohibitive.

Vox Telecom has partnered with Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat) to provide satellite services to a wide range of “remote site” areas in both rural and urban environments around the country.

“YahClick is Yahsat’s broadband solution. The YahClick product is cost effective, versatile and suitable for multiple segments, including consumers, SMEs and corporates with remote sites requiring reliable, fast internet access,” Vox Telecom said.

The service is expected to be launched in June 2012, with the pricing structure which can be found at the following link: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadband/41615-vox-satellite-broadband-fo...

A free zone applies to consumer service plans between 01:00 and 05:00 hours every day. The consumers can use during that time as much data as they can.

The once off cost for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) will range between R7,500 and R13,999 (VAT and Installation included), and can be financed over 60 months starting at R150 per month.

- MyBroadband