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VoIP for Linux

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If you are a Linux user and you want to make free or cheap calls through your computer, there are a number of VoIP applications that allow you to do that. There aren’t as many as a Windows user would find, but there are enough of good and well-built applications that come with your Linux installation to allow you to save money and have a nice communication experience through VoIP.

[b]1. Skype for Linux[/b]
Skype is the most popular VoIP application, with nearly half a billion users. The reason why I put Skype on top of my list while it is not primarily a Linux open-source application is that it is backed by a VoIP service. This means that its use is straight-forward for free Internet calls. No need for SIP configurations.

[b]2. Empathy[/b]
Empathy is the default communication application on many Linux distributions, including the very popular Ubuntu. It supports text, voice and video communication and is interestingly rich in features.

3. Ekiga[/b]
Before Empathy, Egika used to be the default VoIP application on Linux distributions. Ekiga allows you to make voice and video calls over SIP and H.323 protocols.

[b]4. KDE Softphones[/b]
The following softphone applications come with KDE installations and work with SIP and H.323: KPhone, Twinkle and Qutecom.

[b]5. Asterisk[/b]
Asterisk is no simple softphone or end-user VoIP application, but is a very powerful server engine for VoIP management and monitoring.

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