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[b]South African businesses will see their telephony bills drop by 30% over the next two years, says Vox Orion MD[/b] “Lower interconnect rates means everyone is paying less for their phone calls,” said Vox Orion MD, Jacques du Toit. “By March 2013... Read More
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Neotel today launched its new cordless home phone with plans to make communications easier and more affordable Neotel on Monday (16 May 2011) announced the launch of its new cordless home phone, which the company says will ‘revolutionize the home... Read More
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Telkom’s new mobile operator, 8ta, will introduce per-second billing for prepaid customers from 15 May. Until now, calls were billed per-minute. “All new prepaid customers will be billed on a per-second structure,” Telkom says. Calls will be charged... Read More
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[b]Telfree telling it as it is[/b] [i][b] Walter Betschel, CEO of Telfree, puts South Africa's anti-competitive telecommunications industry into perspective, challenges the hidden charges and lack of transparency and quality service in telecoms... Read More
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As a reseller of voip, do i require a license? Icasa talks of an ECS, am getting conflicting point of views because others say if you are not terminating in SA, you do not require a license and it is considered pure IP Please give me more info on... Read More
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Telecommunications regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa), and members of the SA Police Service on Friday raided the head office and two satellite offices of controversial Internet service provider Screamer Telecoms,... Read More
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[b]AltX-listed Vox Telecom[/b] says there is still a good three years of life left in the least-cost routing (LCR) market. This is despite the big cuts in mobile and fixed-line termination rates, the rates that telecommunications providers charge... Read More
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Once hailed as a technology that impacted the telecoms industry in a positive manner, least cost routing (LCR) certainly made its mark on fixed to mobile outbound voice traffic. However, market dynamics are constantly evolving and due to changes... Read More
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Listed telecommunications operator Vox Telecom's profit growth in the first half of the year was hampered by a 29% drop in call termination rates in March last year. However, Vox has already converted almost half its monthly least-cost routing... Read More
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As WhichVoIP strives to be a Repository for ALL things VoIP, and the fact that we have never only mentioned the good things that VoIP comes with, we would like to open up the Forum to create a place where you can air your views and experiences with... Read More
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Parliament has reappointed Marcia Socikwa as a councillor at the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) for a second term. Socikwa was one of two shortlisted candidates for the position, the other being SABC group public affairs manager... Read More
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Second national operator Neotel wants to be profitable at cash level this financial year, as it plans to become profitable. Neotel has come under fire from consumers, who have argued that the operator has failed to introduce true competition into... Read More
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As recessionary pressure continues and uncertainty remains within the South African corporate sector, Clear Voice launches new tools and value-added products for voice communications that will assist companies both financially as well as with... Read More
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[b]Sentech says Screamer Telecoms is operating illegally and that ICASA is responsible for addressing the issue[/b] It is no secret that Screamer Telecoms has been using Sentech’s 2.6GHz spectrum to provide consumers with WiMax and Wi-Fi services.... Read More
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[b]South African businesses[/b] will see their telephony bills drop by 30% over the next two years, says Vox Orion MD Jacques du Toit – and they should use their savings wisely by investing in new capacity and applications. “Lower interconnect... Read More
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——————– “Even though the percentage of complainants who behave unreasonably is relatively small (generally between 2-6%) they still use up a disproportionate amount of resources, time and energy from a company resulting in high stress to staff... Read More
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[b]Will offer its services to businesses in the second half of this year.[/b] Telkom is looking at launching its mobile component to businesses in the second half of this year and believes it has a potential of being a disrupter in the market. The... Read More
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[b]The Department of Communications[/b] has set a target of having local loop unbundling (LLU), which would give competitors access to Telkom’s copper network, finalised by November 2011, but exactly what “finalised” meant was still in question.... Read More
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[b]Telkom says it is one of the most competitively priced operators globally in both the data and voice markets[/b] Over the years Telkom has become known as a company with high prices and poor service levels – attributes which are widely associated... Read More
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Neotel’s new CEO Sunil Joshi recently took over at the company, and he is expected to discuss his plans soon In January this year Neotel announced that it has appointed Sunil Joshi as the company's new Managing Director and CEO, with effect... Read More
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