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Emcom's business development manager, Tony Sipho Sibanda, compares the performance of cellular and radio for mission-critical comms. There is ongoing debate on the topic of cellular versus radio communication for mission-critical communications –... Read More
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As the number of TV white spaces pilots has grown and their profile increased, they are meeting more opposition in Africa - both on and off the continent.  Last month saw the launch of another TV White Spaces Pilot in Ghana, joining the growing... Read More
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At WAPA’s Future of Wireless Technology Forum there was hope that a regulatory framework could soon be in place for E and H millimetre bands. ICASA councillor, William Stucke showed his support for this in the opening presentation, but the... Read More
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Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up at nearly every hub where people pass through regularly, and we’re now even getting Wi-Fi access on minibus taxis. These initiatives will go a long way to getting South Africans connected.  Wi-Fi hotspots are popping... Read More
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Dr Dawie de Wet, CEO of engineering group and systems integrator Q-KON, believes that the local wireless infrastructure market has matured to the point that it is ready to facilitate the cultivation of a centralised, large-scale open access and... Read More
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The latest MyBroadband speed test results show the fastest and slowest mobile and wireless broadband connections in South Africa The latest MyBroadband speed test results shows that MTN’s LTE and Vodacom’s 3G networks provided the highest average... Read More
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There are a number of approaches governments and regulators have taken to spectrum auctions. But which work best?  In a previous column, I looked at the merits of licensed versus unlicensed spectrum and suggested that there might be scope for some... Read More
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Google’s chief Internet evangelist has told a Johannesburg audience that radio frequency spectrum can be more efficiently used. Google vice-president and chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf believes regulators need to look more seriously at... Read More
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The department wants to finish the second spectrum audit and compile a report in the next two months. Within the next two months, the Department of Communications (DOC) aims to have a clear picture of what spectrum is used when the second phase of... Read More
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Communications minister Yunus Carrim has promised that government’s spectrum policy will be finalised by March 2014. Communications minister Yunus Carrim wants government’s policy on radio frequency spectrum finalised by March next year, despite... Read More
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MTN has applied for additional radio frequency spectrum, but its rivals have argued at a public hearing that if it succeeds it will enjoy an unfair competitive advantage.    MTN reaffirmed on Wednesday that it is seeking 5MHz of spectrum between 2,... Read More
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We’re often told that radio frequency spectrum is scarce. But is it really? By Steve Song. Steve Song Electromagnetic spectrum is the crude oil of last-mile connectivity, especially in Africa where more traditional kinds of last-mile... Read More
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ICASA has warned wireless Internet service providers not to illegally use the 4 GHz band to offer services The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has warned wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to not illegally use... Read More
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Vodacom?s WiMax network, which was rolled out during 2008 in partnership with iBurst in Gauteng and Cape Town, is being dismantled and most subscribers have already been migrated to other services. Vodacom spokesperson Richard Boorman confirmed that... Read More
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ISPA renews its call for the Department of Communications to release information about the use of radio frequency spectrum in South Africa The Internet Service Providers? Association (ISPA) is once again calling on the Department of Communications... Read More
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Many companies have been left without connectivity due to a recent crackdown from ICASA on illegal spectrum usage, resulting in a loss of productivity, and more importantly, loss of revenue. The legal compliance of wireless services, networks and... Read More
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Currently, 36% of all Internet traffic is being delivered over wireless networks. By 2015, this figure will grow to 46%, with less than 10% of traffic delivered over cellular networks. WiFi will soon surpass wired traffic. This is good news for... Read More
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The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) has put off its proposed spectrum plan and ditched the draft invitations to apply for high-demand frequency, after jumping the gun. Late last year, ICASA issued draft invitations to apply for... Read More
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