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There are six suburbs in South Africa with an average download speed of over 10Mbps, with the top suburb boasting an average speed of 16Mbps. Ookla’s Net Index website shows that Sandton, Bryanston, and Midrand are the South African suburbs with... Read More
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The South African government’s delay in handing LTE spectrum to mobile operators is costing the country billions each year The delay in providing South Africa’s mobile operators with LTE spectrum is costing the country billions per year, and... Read More
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Statistics South Africa’s 2014 General household survey reveals which South African provinces are the best connected. Statistics South Africa has published its General household survey (GHS) 2014, which shows that almost half of South African... Read More
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The Soweto Wireless User Group (SOWUG), a registered non-profit organisation that provides free wireless to residents of Soweto, will go live this month partly thanks to Teraco. SOWUG forms part of a number of development projects facilitated by... Read More
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As the wireless boom continues unabated, wireless network operators are coming under increasing pressure to provide more capacity, coverage and quality – and all of this without upping prices. This is going to be a major focus in 2015. “During 2015... Read More
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Wireless every time, no contest, says Brenden Pronk, CCO of Comsol. Did you know that copper theft is so high in South Africa, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) keeps a monthly barometer detailing its cost to the nation? And what does... Read More
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As technology plays an increasingly pivotal role in changing the way government interacts with citizens, universal WiFi access is set to ensure this is done more efficiently. This is according to professor Dirk Brand of the Stellenbosch University... Read More
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WiFi is on its way to effectively becoming the ‘radio' for the Internet of things. There is every indication that WiFi is preparing to become the de facto ‘radio' for the Internet of things (IOT), providing the medium through which many thousands... Read More
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Below is email correspondence between Teraco and myself regarding illegal operators being allowed to operate out of Teraco. I am of the opinion Teraco should be asking for licences when allowing infrastructure to be place in the data environment... Read More
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The City of Cape Town has scrapped its plans to install access points to create a wireless network capable of providing Wi-Fi to each home saying its too costly and complex. The initial plan was to install access points to create a wireless network... Read More
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In an attempt to get holidaymakers to fill up at its petrol stations rather than those of its rivals, fuel retailer Engen is introducing Wi-Fi hotspots – with limited free access – at 32 sites set to go live countrywide by mid-December. The petrol... Read More
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While SA is some way off in having ubiquitous WiFi, pundits agree 2014 has seen great strides in broadening access, with an increasing amount of free and paid-for hubs tapping into local appetite for connectivity. The year was earmarked as a... Read More
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Cape Town - By June, 61 Cape Town buildings and numerous public access hot spots will have free wi-fi as part of the city’s R1.3-billion seven-year broadband network strategy. The Bellville Clinic, Hillstar Administrative Building, Mitchells Plain... Read More
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Passengers on Cape Town’s MyCiTi rapid bus service could soon enjoy free WiFi access while travelling or waiting at the station. The city is conducting a pilot project with an external entity ahead of the planned roll-out. The aim was to attract... Read More
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  The public WiFi market in sub-Saharan Africa is set to see massive growth on the back of the exponential rise in the number of Internet users and overall broadband services. Despite investments in 3G and 4G networks, service providers are... Read More
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Network visibility and control is a big challenge for organisations today, especially those who have multi-site environments. They have serious problems with "unauthorised device" access e.g. someone plugging a ‘rogue' device (e.g. their own laptop... Read More
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Access to free Wi-Fi is non-negotiable for travellers these days, but hoteliers constantly grapple with the question of how much is enough Access to free Wi-Fi is non-negotiable for travellers these days, but hoteliers constantly grapple with the... Read More
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Samsung Electronics has announced the development of a 60GHz Wi-Fi technology that enables data transmission speeds of up to 4.6Gbps Samsung Electronics has announced the development of a 60GHz Wi-Fi technology that enables data transmission speeds... Read More
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Coca Cola and BT are using vending machines to host free Wi-Fi hotspots in South Africa. Coca-Cola South Africa, its bottling partner Coca-Cola Fortune, and BT Global Services announced in a press release on Tuesday, 23 September 2014, that they... Read More
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Dimension Data has announced the launch of WirelessCo, which will build and operate an open access carrier-grade Wi-Fi network in South Africa. Dimension Data today, 22 September 2014, announced that it is to launch a new company, WirelessCo, which... Read More
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