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The information reflected on www.WhichVoIP.co.za and contained in our reports are indicative and is based on information provided by the WhichVoIP research team, service providers, VoIP resellers and the users of WhichVoIP.co.za. Although care is... Read More
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The WhichVoIP.co.za research team is constantly monitoring the market for any changes in Service Provider offerings. We aim to update our information as frequently as possible and use social media such as Facebook (VoIP in South Africa) and Twitter... Read More
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Well you have a few options... We are happy to facilitate the transaction on your behalf and help you with this process, but you are also welcome to search our VoIP directory for partners that offer support in your area. You may even be able to... Read More
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Listing in the VoIP Directory is Free to all users! Simply click on the Directory link and then add a new entry. You will be required to sign-up which only takes a few minutes! You will then have the option to choose which category your would like... Read More
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All Members are allowed to edit or load their detail into the VoIP Directory. In cases where you want to update your detail contained in the Research reports you are welcome to email us with the changes (admin[at]whichvoip.co.za) or contact us to... Read More
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Although we aim to cover the whole market, there are constantly new providers and wholesalers entering the arena. Feel free to drop us an email via info[at]whichvoip.co.za with the providers name and we?ll let you know how far we are in bringing... Read More
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We have had a number of requests from the user community asking for a link to our site. We are happy to provide the following link which you can use to link to www.WhichVoIP.co.za, and all you need to do is add your site after 'src=' so we... Read More
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Absolutely! Feel free to drop us an email at info[at]whichvoip.co.za and we would be happy to send you our Rate Card with the various partnership opportunities.
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