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This article was originally published on TechTarget This mini glossary defines essential vocabulary associated with VoIP. Read through these VoIP terms to refresh your knowledge of IP-based telephony. ​The ability to pick up a phone and talk... Read More
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I have a snom phone with a FNB phone account which worked well until i moved to my new house and im awaiting the transfer of my adsl line. Can i connect my phone to the laptop so it can work off my cell c stick (which you guys helped me fix) until... Read More
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This issue is most likely the cause of an incorrectly configured NAT router which is preventing the return audio packets from getting all the way back your phone. Perhaps re-look at how the devices are connected and configured. This could lead to... Read More
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This can sometimes be the challenge with Internet calls; as your device has to share the internet with many other devices and users and there may be no priority for your Voice connection. This can lead to occasional changes that result in less than... Read More
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This issue is related to bandwidth availability for Voice. The process of prioritizing Voice over Data in the LAN (local area network) is known as Quality of Service (QoS). Make sure that your Router supports and is configured for QoS. This... Read More
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With VoIP, Telecom carriers have many options for call routing within South Africa and abroad. Gray routes may refer to route that involves a non-direct interconnection into the South Africa providers such as routing overseas and then back into... Read More
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VoIP calls could sometimes take a longer period of time to connect than traditional PSTN lines, this could be a result of the route that the VoIP provider uses to pass the call to the calling parties network. SS7 (Signaling System Seven) a method... Read More
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Make sure you are dailing the full number including any prefix (i.e 011). If you still do not get through, call your provider and tell them the number and time of the call and they can look at the situation. Always try and check whether this... Read More
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If you haven?t changed any settings on your Internet or VoIP hardware, it could be that your Internet Service Provider, or your Broadband provider is having issues with their network. Give your ISP a call and ask them to test your connection for... Read More
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First, make sure that you have Power, and an active Internet connection. If you do have a connection to the Internet, but no dial tone, do a power reset, starting with the router and VoIP device. Power them back in the sequence, router first, then... Read More
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This is most likely a bandwidth issue. In terms of sizing, a typical single two-way call needs approximately 60kbps (depending on the codec used), a single three-way call would require at least 90kbps of bandwidth. This bandwidth needs to be... Read More
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This can be a result of a certain route which the VoIP carrier is using for that particular network. Your provider should be able to look at the problem calls and check whether there is a network link causing high delay times. Call on your VoIP... Read More
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It is not normal to hear buzzing. This can be caused by line or phone interference, or faulty grounding in the phone circuitry. Try another phone to see if the issue is resolved, if not, make sure that your earthing is correct and that there isn... Read More
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You could try and turn down your phone volume. Acoustic feedback from the speaker to the microphone of a telephone handset can cause echo. Keep your VoIP devices and Handsets away from other electro magnetic devices. In some cases, it can be due to... Read More
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