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6 Remarkable Ways VoIP Improves Customer Service

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This article was originally published on TelecomReseller

Quality customer service is essential for any business, no matter the size. Customers need to be able to rely on dependable and accessible customer service when they need support or information. More companies, from start-ups to large corporations with multiple locations, have upgraded to VoIP-based business communication systems. VoIP is a game changer, with expansive capabilities and higher customer satisfaction ratings than conventional phone systems.

You need a phone system that supports your business model. Business owners cannot afford to commit valuable resources to ineffective tactics. They must focus on what works to ensure customers feel supported. With competition ready to snatch up another company’s dissatisfied customers, it is critical to provide the best service to ultimately lead to increased satisfaction and retention.

VoIP offers an exceeding number of benefits to enhance your competitive advantage. So how can VoIP catapult your business’s customer service efforts to the next level?

Strengthen Accessibility

One of the first interactions a customer has with business is through speaking with a representative over the phone when inquiring about information, customer service or support. Customers have grown to expect personalized service that caters to their needs quickly and efficiently. VoIP is a comprehensive communication system offering a vital difference in customer service standards compared to conventional phone systems. VoIP strengthens customer accessibility through:

  • Customer frustration prevention. Customers want assistance when they need it; they don’t want to be passed around through a conveyor belt of employees, forced to repeat themselves over and over again. With VoIP, customers can easily direct themselves to the proper person or department and have their calls answered quickly and efficiently. No more long wait times and disorderly queues.
  • Employee availability. Employees are able to be more readily available to their customers through VoIP’s call forwarding capabilities (even to home landlines). Managers can configure hunt groups to ring assigned phones in a predetermined sequence so customers are guaranteed to speak with someone who can help them. With increased employee accessibility, customer frustration is eliminated from the equation.
  • Voicemail to Text. If an employee is unavailable and misses a call, they can respond to voicemails more efficiently. VoIP phone systems enable voicemails to be stored as audio files, which then get emailed to the employee. So they can take care of business on the go. Voicemail to text eliminates barriers for customers who are looking for a fast response, leading to a better overall user experience.

Optimized Auto-Attendant Features

A virtual receptionist is a great tool to help organize phone calls and direct customers where they need to go. You want the user experience to be elevated during the entire customer journey. Auto-attendants can help properly route calls and increase brand awareness – without having to pay a receptionist to man the phone. A business’s virtual receptionist can offer a pleasant greeting and a convenient menu design. An optimized auto-attendant elevates the customer experience by incorporating abbreviated sales information into the easily navigable menu to whet the appetite of both customers and prospects.

Obtain a Toll-Free Number

Regardless of size, businesses can utilize a toll-free number for a low cost with VoIP. A toll-free number is advantageous for creating a credible reputation for your business, and making you more accessible. Your toll-free number allows customers to call you, no matter their geographic location, without incurring long-distance charges.

Direct Phone Numbers and Extensions

Employees can build more solid relationships with clients through direct numbers and extensions. VoIP allows all employees, despite geographic location, to have their own direct phone number. Employees can integrate their own mobile device with the business phone network, so they are easily reachable anytime and anywhere. When employees use their mobile device to reach out to customers, their VoIP number will be displayed to the customer, not their private phone number.

Tracking Success

VoIP enables businesses to track their success and measure how effectively their phone calls convert prospects into customers. How? VoIP fortifies your marketing efforts by providing solid data for your campaigns. You can assign individual phone numbers to specific campaigns with VoIP technology. Each number you configure lands in the same place, but you can track which campaign was effective at attracting a customer. This saves your business time and money, and helps you boost effective tactics and ditch what doesn’t work.

Increase Conversions

Sales are obviously a goal for all businesses; it’s what helps them thrive. VoIP allows for businesses to seamlessly communicate with customers and prospects with a clear connection. Telephone outreach still yields higher response rates than email, so you can connect with prospects and increase your conversions. VoIP allows businesses to build a rapport with customers, be easily accessible and keep them actively engaged in the brand.

VoIP goes beyond just making and receiving calls. Businesses can flourish with the unified communication capabilities VoIP provides. Through streamlined business solutions and clear connections, both employees and customers can benefit from VoIP services. When customers experience fast and direct service and a more human approach, they have a higher level of satisfaction which leads to retention. If you want your employees to perform effectively while boosting your customer service and competitive advantage, discover what VoIP can do for your business.


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