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One day, our voice over IP (VoIP) business phone systems and unified communications systems will be primarily mobile instead of optionally mobile. This is my belief, and based on new solutions that continue to advance mobility capabilities, there’... Read More
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It might need a little refinement in working with hardware, however.   f you suffered through the Skype outage earlier this week, Mozilla would like you to know that you have another option: Firefox Hello. The latest update of the Firefox... Read More
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As the world grows increasingly digitalised, it is no surprise that companies are making the switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) for a more versatile and affordable solution to their unified communications (UC) needs. Not only is VoIP able to improve a... Read More
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In the sixth in an ongoing series of posts, I take a closer look at VoIP and packet switching. As an IT/telecom professional, you are likely to have a good understanding about the theory and principles of voice and data. However, even if you are an... Read More
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How unified comms is threatening the traditional handset. In 1995, I was running a small fledgling dial-up ISP in Australia, and we lived for the telephone to ring. There were no email campaigns, no online signup forms, no social media advertising... Read More
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There seems to be little question that SIP is the way to go for PSTN access trunking. New UC solutions as well as legacy PBXes are increasingly using SIP as their access. The big question is: which SIP trunking provider is the best for your... Read More
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There are many ways to get no-cost Voice over IP (VoIP), but is free VoIP good VoIP? Your answer will depend on which definition of free works for you and which attributes you value when making voice calls. Call quality, access to the people you... Read More
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Important VoIP features and functions SIP trunking is a feature that should be present on any IP PBX today. Some vendor models, such as the Mitel 3300 series, can support up to 2,200 SIP trunks. NEC's Univerge can support up to 4,000 SIP trunks,... Read More
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I have a question for all you No Jitter readers: What is SIP used for? If you are like most people in the communications industry, you will tell me that SIP is used to make telephone calls. Some of you might also mention point-to-point or... Read More
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As time moves forward, we find a way to not only make things smaller, but to also get rid of the excess. Many technologies that existed in days past are either being replaced by newer technologies, phased out, or integrated into existing devices.... Read More
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Global service provider VoIP (voice over IP) and IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) revenue was up 46% year-over-year in 2Q15, to $1,3-billion.This is according to vendor market share, forecasts and preliminary analysis from the second quarter IHS... Read More
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When assessing VoIP systems, first consider VoIP features and functions, then gauge the scope of the service, network needs and plans for expansion. Selecting a VoIP service provider requires careful consideration for two distinct reasons. First,... Read More
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With the continuing spread of high-speed broadband throughout the UK, SIP trunking is witnessing uniform growth as SMEs embrace the idea of unified communications (UC) systems and VoIP. SIP trunking is not only more flexible and durable than... Read More
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Marketing is an important part of business communications, which is why VoIP companies are heavily marketing their services. By putting key features in the spotlight, VoIP companies are reaching more businesses than ever before. With communications... Read More
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Migrating from standard telephony to VoIP can be beneficial. In this article, telephony expert Jon Arnold examines three common VoIP use cases. Editor's note: The first article in this series provided a detailed explanation of what Voice over IP (... Read More
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Is your business dialed in to VoIP access and SIP trunking? If you want to enjoy more flexible and cost effective communications, VoIP and SIP trunking need to be part of your business model. You'll enjoy communications that can make a real... Read More
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It won't take hard cash A new VoIP service allows you to hide who you are by being web-based, having no registration checks, allowing you to spoof caller identity, and pay by Bitcoin. Bitphone calls itself the Bitcoin Payphone. As well as taking... Read More
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In the previous post The Evolution of Telephony, I've reviewed how the communication has changed during the years. However, the nature of human is that we are always looking to the future; the past and the present does not satisfy us. Therefore, I'... Read More
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Softphones leverage the power of the VoIP technologies to an extent where we no longer need to drill a hole in our bank account to enjoy seamless communication. The past few years saw the incredibly fast rise of multiple applications of the VoIP,... Read More
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A recent customer engagement showcases the frustrations small and medium-sized businesses face in dealing with technology upgrades. In the small and medium-sized business space, getting what you want sometimes comes at a price. Here is a classic... Read More
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