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The new feature-rich SmartNode™ VoIP Gateways and eSBCs for small offices address demand for legacy-device integration with All-IP business communications and UCC. SmartNode™ VoIP... more than just talk! GAITHERSBURG, Md.-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--... Read More
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New WebRTC Services Solution Release Enables Communications Service Providers to Deploy WebRTC Applications to a Broader Mobile Audience Sonus Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: SONS), a global leader in secure and intelligent Cloud communications, announced... Read More
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If you're thinking of purchasing a business voice-over-IP (VoIP) service, then it's crucial you prepare. There are several important steps you need to take before your service is activated to ensure smooth operations. Bandwidth, call loads, and... Read More
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When faced with the choice of using the PSTN for voice or switching to a cable provider, it's important to understand the differences and potential issues. My company received a request for assistance from our financial advisor regarding upgrading... Read More
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If it became necessary to summarize the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) market in one word, a good one might be “growing.” A recent report from Future Market Insights underscores this point, and shows us where this market is set to go in the... Read More
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Why doesn’t fax always play well with IP? Your understanding the answer to that can save your clients a lot of hassles, headaches and fax downtime. Chances are, many if not most of your clients are still using fax as a regular component in their... Read More
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VoIP-Pal announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against Apple in a U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada, seeking over $2.8 billion in damages for alleged infringement of its patented internet communication technologies.  The Bellevue-based... Read More
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To streamline your implementation, get ready to tackle quality, network, security, and infrastructure challenges. Voice over IP is winning the telecommunications race. In fact, according to recent market data from Wise Guy Reports, mobile VoIP in... Read More
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A few years back I wrote an article I called The Phone is Dead! Long Live the Audio Endpoint, in which I detailed the demise of the ubiquitous desk phone. As is often the case with predictions, this one was way off the mark. A recent Frost &... Read More
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It is easiest to think of value when a monetary figure can be attached to something, but how can value be assigned to intangibles, like quality or service? The value an individual would assign to one of these factors will always vary from one... Read More
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In under two years, people have gone from asking what Snapchat is to asking what it can't do. The Venice, Calif.-based company today released an update that lets its 100 million daily users make video and audio calls, among other things. During... Read More
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Over time, any security product becomes vulnerable and at risk because of the ever changing technology environment. This means that simply deploying security once and then either infrequently or never updating it is an inherently flawed solution.... Read More
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Implementing SIP trunking can be a daunting task for many organizations. But enterprises can take certain steps to ensure their SIP deployment is relatively smooth. Industry leaders at Enterprise Connect urged organizations to heed these four... Read More
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Have you been using the same business phone system for the last twenty years? Many companies install a phone system when they first set up their office and then never upgrade it again. However, with more and more people moving to mobile phones... Read More
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  A series of transmission capabilities that make it possible to communicate via the internet is defined as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Colloquially referred to as internet telephony, VoIP simply converts your voice vibrations... Read More
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In the latest installment of “are hackers taking over your tech and costing you a lot of money,” the BBC has a report on a bug in VoIP phone software that lets hackers in with just a few lines of code. They can then use the phone system to make... Read More
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After so many decades of installing modern telephony systems, I can't understand why any enterprise would be willing to keep Big Iron systems in place. There's a New York kind of place that I love visiting, a well-known establishment with a... Read More
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Everyone should be well-aware of SIP trunking and how it is used to replace legacy TDM physical trunks. SIP trunking has become a mature technology over the years. However, its adoption is driven predominately by cost. In fact, during panel... Read More
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Self-service Web portals and APIs are empowering enterprises to reap the benefits of SIP trunking and take greater control of their IP-based voice services. While the benefits of SIP trunking are well documented, an area that often gets overlooked... Read More
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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SIP. Networking expert Michael Brandenburg explains how to choose between a decentralized and centralized SIP trunking deployment. Deciding between a centralized or distributed session initiation protocol (... Read More
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