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Our solution developers here at Nology have had many requests about how ViBE actually works. Although we can't give away trade secrets, Quinton Hofmeyr came up with a clever way to answer all the questions by showing via Wireshark software what... Read More
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As part of continued growth in South Africa, Voipex has announced an enhancement to the existing agreement with Nology that will see the organisation act as the exclusive partner for ViBE sales, distribution and technical support into the ISP and... Read More
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[b]Latency and jitter [/b] [b]The Problem[/b] This section could easily be summarised as ?traditional traffic shaping does not work at low bandwidths.? It is also the area that all competing technologies fail to address. Essentially, traditional... Read More
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[b]ISP Infrastructure Solutions[/b] ViBE is an IP tunneling protocol specifically designed to provide true Quality of Service for VoIP over ADSL broadband circuits. Patend pending ViBE provides not only byte level QoS but also RTP header... Read More
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[b]ViBE Frequently Asked Questions[/b] Any questions you have about ViBE should be answered in the following FAQ's. Contact me if you cannot find what you a looking for or post in this forum and i will gladly assist. Paul Colmer [b]Q: What is... Read More
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[b]How ViBE Helps...[/b] ViBE (Voice over IP Broadband Enhancement) helps to solve many of the everyday issues that are experienced when trying to make VoIP work effectively ?in the real world? in several important ways: 1.Quality of Service is... Read More
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[b]How ViBE Works[/b] ViBE analyses voice and data packets over your network and strips out anything that is not essential, only data essential to the delivery of voice data. ViBE also gives voice data precedence over other types of data ensuring... Read More
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Here's a great article from Nology (ViBe Distributor) on the affects of ViBE in the Voice Environment: As bandwidth has become more widely available and affordable in the local market, a host of possibilities have opened up and voice over IP (... Read More
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