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If you are tired of receiving unsolicited calls from sales agents, or get a lot of SMS spam, there are ways for you to fight back. If you are tired of receiving unsolicited calls from sales agents, or get a lot of SMS spam, there are ways for... Read More
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Waspa has fined SMSPortal R15,000 for sending an unsolicited marketing SMS. The Wireless Application Service Providers? Association (Waspa) has fined SMSPortal R15,000 for sending an unsolicited marketing SMS to a man who stated he had never... Read More
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SMS messages would cost a fraction of a cent if mobile operators priced text messaging like mobile data. If mobile operators in South Africa priced SMS like they do data, a message would cost 0.03 cents ? even at out-of-bundle data rates of R2 per... Read More
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Recipients of SMS advertising do have the option to opt out – but they may have to pay to do so. The Sunday Times’ Power Report has taken up the case of consumers who are tired of receiving marketing SMS messages from companies, and having to pay... Read More
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LogicSMS, a Johannesburg-based telecommunications company, has launched the "Advance Response System" (LogicSMS ARS) as an overlay to its Premium SMS service. The ARS system manages inbound communication with external parties and ensures each... Read More
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The evolution of cellular technology has greatly impacted when, where and how people interact and communicate with each other. Smartphone penetration is at roughly 30% in the South African market, set to grow to 45% by 2017 giving more and more... Read More
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This year will be a pivotal one for the South African SMS industry as the issue of interconnection fees is resolved, and mobile networks charge each other for terminating application-to-person (A2P) SMS messages doing away with the vagaries of the... Read More
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The wholesale price of A2P SMSs in South Africa explains why there is currently a fight in the bulk SMS market in South Africa The minimum wholesale price for A2P SMSs from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C differs by up to 1.67c per SMS. This price... Read More
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Mobile operators are unable to answer a simple question about the real wholesale cost of an SMS The true cost of an SMS has been pegged at around 2.6c per SMS, raising questions about the exorbitant markup on the retail pricing of SMSs in South... Read More
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