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Microsoft announced the general availability of its Skype for Business Server 2015 product this week, along with other improvements to its unified communications services. Skype for Business Server 2015 is the successor product to Lync Server 2013... Read More
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Recently, Microsoft released Skype for Business to replace Lync. This new version of Skype is a hybrid of the Lync client that you use at McGill and the Skype client you may use at home. IT Services will be deploying the new client to supported... Read More
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Skype for Business Online promises to be a game changer -- not only for Microsoft, but also its partners, customers, and competitors. As Microsoft begins to upgrade Lync Online users to Skype for Business Online this week, it is taking the first... Read More
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Just one month after releasing a technical preview, Microsoft has announced the availability of the new Skype for Business client and Skype for Business Online, its planned replacement for the Lync communication software. Skype for Business is part... Read More
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Important news for businesses using Microsoft's Lync video and Web conferencing platform. As expected, Microsoft's Skype brand has now formally replaced Lync. Redmond is rolling out the new Skype for Business client as part of its April monthly... Read More
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Logitech (LOGI) division Lifesize has incorporated Microsoft (MSFT) Lync capabilities into its Lifesize Cloud software-as-a-service-based (SaaS-based) video conferencing solution. Lifesize said Lync users can now join meetings hosted on Lifesize... Read More
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Novus LLC, a distributor of telecommunications and IP equipment, announced recently Numonix is a new partner, and will resell its RECITE software solution, which is qualified for Microsoft Lync 2013. The RECITE software solution is a secure call... Read More
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Microsoft has a problem. It's a problem they're are working to resolve but it's problem they've had for a while. Product confusion. In Microsoft's attempt to offer legendary support for their products they've created a quagmire of an issue in their... Read More
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Microsoft Lync deserves consideration as a platform for enterprise-grade contact centers. Microsoft Lync includes a response group service that queues incoming voice calls and routes them to groups of agents. At a basic level, a Lync response group... Read More
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Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that it is working on a spin-off product focused on workplace communications, which will enable users to keep professional contacts separate from the personal details they share with friends. It is still not... Read More
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Does your team have the collaboration technology it needs to communicate effectively? If your answer is "no", you might want to take a step back and reconsider. The chances are that you actually have everything you need at your disposal, but don't... Read More
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Whatever their name, UC solutions from Microsoft are now the de facto standard for enterprise collaboration, with over 90% of the Fortune 100 leveraging them on a daily basis. But migrating to Microsoft video, application sharing and voice involves... Read More
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Greg Plum Principal of PlumUC and Herb Levitin President of GoConference are launching a new flat-rate conferencing service designed for Office 365 Lync users.  Small Businesses in the US are utilizing Microsoft Lync (now called Skype for Business... Read More
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Microsoft takes another shot at making PSTN calling and telephony features available to businesses subscribing to Office 365 and Lync Online. Nearly a year ago Microsoft detailed its latest plan to re-introduce PSTN calling to Lync Online. This... Read More
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EUREKA! We should put the two together Analysis Microsoft has given us a glimpse of Windows progress this week – and it was generally well received – particularly the one-year "grace period" allowing Windows 7 holdouts to climb on board for free.... Read More
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If you want to know which aspects of Microsoft Lync® are supported in the VDI environment, vague data doesn’t provide the straight facts necessary to make informed decisions.  At the very least, apples-to apples-comparisons are not possible when... Read More
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Microsoft is offering in-person training to help people learn to use the recently launched, ‘Skype for Business.’ In-person events will be held in Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. If anyone cannot attend in person, they can... Read More
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Many organizations that subscribe to Office 365 want Lync Enterprise Voice functionality, in addition to user-to-user voice and video, in order to enable calling to and from the Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN and cellular phones) and to... Read More
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Question: When will Lync Online support Enterprise Voice? Short answer: Who knows? But there's also a long answer, and, frankly, it's pretty interesting. And from the perspective of Lync Online customers, it's potentially promising for those... Read More
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  Lync for Windows Phone has updated its settings dedicated to voice calls, making it easy to identify and control which network is used for phone calls. There are now three options – VoIP always, VoIP over Wi-Fi only and Cellular. With VoIP... Read More
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