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This article was originally published on RSAWeb The chances are that you are using a VoIP service every day without even knowing it. And?it?s most likely you have absolutely no idea what it is either! Think about it. How many of you are using... Read More
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The fast and more reliable connection that fibre offers is set to enhance our experiences 10 times over. Here?s how. The Internet has made the world smaller and larger at the same time. Smaller in the way we can connect with friends and family who... Read More
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RSAWEB has launched fibre-to-the-home packages, targeting Internet users in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and Kimberley in the Northern Cape. The fibre packages range in price from R549 per month for 20GB of data on a 10Mbps line, to R1... Read More
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RSAWEB has expanded the coverage of its City Fibre product, doubling the footprint of its “lightning-fast fibre” in major metros. The company is also decreasing its prices, offering businesses a 10Mbps broadband connection for R6,999 per month. “... Read More
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