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It seems that load shedding isn’t going away any time soon.  So, what do you do when the power is out and you still need to make and receive calls? When electricity is load shed, many communication methods, such as the internet, computers, and... Read More
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The advent of 5G networks is about much more than just incredibly fast speeds and more reliable connections. By Doros Hadjizenonos, Regional Sales Director for Fortinet in South Africa When combined with today’s powerful edge devices — whether... Read More
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VoIP, standing for Voice over Internet Protocol, has the power to transform your business connectivity and communications, no matter the size of your company, with the help of business Fibre. 4 Business functions it enhances, include:... Read More
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How much would it cost your business if the internet went down for a day? More realistically, how much is a periodically slow and unreliable internet connection costing you indirectly, in the form of unproductivity, irritated customers and... Read More
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Nology, the Platinum distributor for Yealink in South Africa, has recently announced the local availability of a new addition to the Yealink Conference Phone range, the CP930W Cordless DECT Conference Phone.  The Yealink CP930W is a unique product... Read More
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Already in the year 2000, Western Europe and North America were enjoying the benefits of a well developed Fibre infrastructure, while here in South Africa, and much later, in 2007 to be exact, we were struggling with city and town... Read More
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If your business operations depend on an internet connection, putting in the effort to research which ISP provides the best business Fibre package for your company will save you hassles and frustration in the long run. And…there’s no point... Read More
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This article was originally published on TechCentral Read more at source. Meet the CEO is a regular feature on TechCentral. The aim is to introduce our readers to the people behind the news by providing insights into the leaders shaping South... Read More
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Fibre is certainly not a new type of technology in South Africa – it has been around for almost a decade, but the roll-out has been slow and the majority of homes and businesses still have Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL). At the... Read More
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Not all Fibre prices are created equally. In most cases, there’s a lot of reading between the lines that need to happen to get the real price of Fibre for businesses. Price and service differ from ISP to ISP. What may appear to be a good... Read More
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28 November, Johannesburg – Pansmart, South Africa’s authorised distributor of Panasonic telecoms and security solutions, has teamed up with Huge Telecom to offer dealers a unique and risk-free opportunity to boost their profits with a new... Read More
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BitCo recently launched home Fibre and is coming to the MyBroadbrand conference with a promotional offer that is going to see conference delegates save of up to R3 600.00 when signing up. When selecting a 50Mbps, 100Mbps or 200Mbps line speed,... Read More
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BitCo Telecoms is coming to the MyBroadband Conference 2018 with a promotional offer that no business can resist. Business customers can connect to BitCo’s Fibre Network on a 100Mbps Internet package for only R6 999 per month (A saving of R1 996... Read More
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Nology, leading distributor of ICT equipment within Southern Africa, in collaboration with Securax LTD, well known developer of Zoiper Softphone is pleased to announce Nology as the official distributor of Zoiper. Since being founded in 2001,... Read More
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This article was originally published on ITWeb Pansmart, a leading Panasonic Telecommunications and Security distributor in South Africa, has secured a unique proposition for the telecoms dealer community with Huge Telecom, a premier provider of... Read More
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Johannesburg, September 25, 2018 – After more than a decade of “taking care of business”, renowned premium Internet Service Provider, BitCo, is coming home. Into your home that is, with a Fibre-to-the-Home offering launching 01 October 2018. BitCo... Read More
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The Jabra Evolve 65 professional Bluetooth headset is now available to the South African channel from the official distributor Nology.  The headset is designed to improve conversations and overall productivity with features such as wide range... Read More
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Welcome back to the third and final instalment of Network Security 101, a mini-series that covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity for your business. Here’s what we’ve covered so far: An introduction to cybersecurity, reveals the shocking truth... Read More
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By Grant Robertson at Nology The continued proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the connected world have seen South African households mobilising towards environments that allow for the connection of multiple devices from various points... Read More
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Our Network 101 mini-series covers of cybersecurity basics to help you understand one of the biggest threats facing business today –and what you can do about it. If you think your business is too small to matter to hackers, think again. Our... Read More
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