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How effective is your telecoms reporting within your organisation?

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This article was originally published on ITWeb

Most large companies have a telephone management system in place that records all phone calls made via the PABX, says Mike Margolius, sales and marketing manager at Telesa.

Effectively reporting on your telecoms environment requires tools or services in place to achieve this. Most large companies have a telephone management system (TMS) in place that records all of the phone calls that are made via your PABX, and there may be multiple PABXes in your organisation, says Mike Margolius, Sales and Marketing Manager at Telesa.

Below are the areas to manage to ensure reporting is accurate and effective:

1. Quality of CDR is of prime importance. Any changes made to your PABX should be managed as part of your formal change process. There are many cases where a minor change in the PABX configuration results in the CDR being unrecognised by the TMS. When this happens, the TMS is unable to record the calls made and all reporting is then incorrect.

2. Managing user and extension changes. Your TMS may be configured to reflect your business structure. Businesses are not static, and movement of staff is a given. If staff changes and extension changes are not kept current then your reporting will be inaccurate and ineffective.

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