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Nemertes' annual cost study reveals a surprise or two on IP telephony and UC spending. IP telephony costs are generally declining, but implementation costs are increasing. Meanwhile, movement to the cloud for IP telephony and unified communications... Read More
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This article explains the communication industry’s transformation from a device or line-centric management model to a user-centric, or business-centric model. As a result of this industry transformation, the new Business Communication Operations... Read More
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Despite the undeniable migration toward cloud-based unified communications (UC), a significant number of new premises-based IP-PBX systems entered the market in 2014 (and early 2015). Business communications manufacturers are working hard to build... Read More
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There are many companies that offer an IP PBX solution using Asterisk open source software. Most do not produce the other components, especially the hardware to complete the configuration of an IP PBX. You need to find a company that delivers tight... Read More
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ITsavvy is now offering a full array of unified communications (UC) solutions. With 4 widely acknowledged UC leaders as partners–Cisco, ShoreTel, Mitel, and NEC—ITsavvy offers complete, customized solutions to all of its clients. ADDISON, Ill. (... Read More
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As UCStrategies colleague Blair Pleasant recently wrote, “Change, the Only Thing that’s Constant,” we are coming to the end of a year where there are more questions than answers in the UC space. If you rewind to the start of 2014, really, could you... Read More
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New research sheds light on how to avoid the common pitfalls. A majority of U.S. workers say they’d like to work from home at least part of the time. Many see it as critical to work/life balance — a reason Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, herself a new mom... Read More
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ShoreTel, Inc. (SHOR: Quote) said Wednesday that its Board of Directors has unanimously decided to reject the revised, unsolicited proposal from Mitel Networks Corp. (MITL: Quote). ShoreTel said its Board concluded that Mitel's revised, unsolicited... Read More
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Thought you folks would be interested in an awesome little (literally) product available in SA. myPBX Standard or rack mount. Out of the box without any modules, it's a pure IP PBX. Then you can start adding some cards onto it to expand it... Read More
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Hacking of telephone systems is still big business; at least for those who sell international calls to others at your expense In South Africa, telephone hacking became big business some ten years ago when Telkom customers were targeted by rogue... Read More
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There has been confusion for a long time as to whether or not a Line Maintenance Organisation (LMO) licence was required in order for an entity to connect a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to Telkom?s telecommunications network. Telkom?s insistence on... Read More
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[i] - Opinion piece by Rob Lith - Connection Telecom[/i] Using VoIP call analytics to guide the business, not punish private calls ?Telephone management systems (TMSs) have been largely under-utilised by many companies,? says Rob Lith, Director of... Read More
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