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The PBX is headed for the cloud in a big way. Given my many past No Jitter articles that argue not for the death of, but for the continuation of the PBX, PSTN, and desk phones, you might be surprised that I am now exploring this topic. So let's be... Read More
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“Hot-desking” is a relatively new phenomenon in the South African workplace. At its basic level, it means that instead of having to have physical offices, small businesses can rent a limited number of communal workstations. Individuals do not need... Read More
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Studies conducted by research company JD Power & Associates indicates that interactive voice response (IVR) accounts for 27% of US customers’ total call experience. From a South African perspective, local business owners need to pay attention... Read More
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Pay attention to the warning lights, and you can avoid a telephony train wreck. A consultant I know recently sent a potential customer my way with the recommendation that I take a look at the company's telephony install. That was a good thing,... Read More
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Telephony expert Jon Arnold dissects enterprise VoIP basics -- including the technology's evolution and how it works -- and compares it with legacy telephony. Editor's note: This is the first article in a series on voice over IP (VoIP) and how to... Read More
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Businesses that have tapped into VoIP’s cost-saving and productivity-enhancing measures have taken the technology’s benefits a step further through SIP trunking and virtual PBX. While the two are mutually exclusive, both virtual PBX and SIP... Read More
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Sometimes small and medium-sized businesses focus too much on cost and not enough on deployment details. In deploying VoIP, small and medium-sized businesses often experience pain points in five critical areas, Adtran found in examining its Custom... Read More
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Extends the WebRTC-enabled, point-to-point video conferencing already available in its Smart Office suite to multiparty. Delivering up WebRTC in a UC client is a great way to spur on-the-fly video chats... between two users. But if you want to... Read More
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Cost consolidation and rationalisation are two of the benefits brought about by unified communications, says Paveshen Govender of Telkom Business. The majority of South African organisations are investing or plan to invest in effective ... Read More
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In my previous two blogs I’ve written about Skype Translator and the general technology framework behind the service. Now let’s talk about how all this might apply to unified communications. Most everyone immediately considers the value of having... Read More
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Customer experience and call centre solutions provider Genesys has integrated with Skype for Business. The company says the move will result in customer engagement, contact centre and unified communication solutions from a single tool – the Genesys... Read More
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Introduction During the week of May 17, NEC ran their annual NEC Advantage conference, this year in Phoenix, bringing together dealers, consultants and analysts to a common forum. I had the privilege of being the first day’s keynote speaker at the... Read More
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Embedding Communications in Applications by Blair Pleasant I’m often asked why unified communications isn’t ubiquitous, and what it will take to get more utilization of UC and collaboration tools. The answer is clear – in most cases, unified... Read More
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What we mean by “mobility” continues to change (or move). Smartphones initially allowed us to take our desktop applications (such as email, social networks, games, even web searches) with us. Slowly, the smartphone began replacing our items and... Read More
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Native integration offers more seamless communications over more customer contact channels, according to Genesys CMO Reed Henry It's no secret that Microsoft Lync and now Skype for Business have gained traction in almost all areas of enterprise... Read More
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Oracle executives see the need to make communications integral to enterprise apps of all sorts. If your organization has been dragging its feet rather than moving forward on enabling real-time communications for your employees and with your... Read More
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The global enterprise telephony and unified communications (UC) market was down 4% in 2014, to $8,7-billion, as businesses continue to hold off new purchases and upgrades of PBX equipment despite improving worldwide economic conditions. The overall... Read More
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Summary: The definition of business analytics is the continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive future business processes and planning. What does that mean in basic terms? Business... Read More
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Enterprise Connect again descends on Orlando, Fla., next week, as the conference marks its 25th anniversary. As always, the conference is teeming with the latest unified communications news, trends, product launches and industry insights. To get a... Read More
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Today, UCStrategies, the thought leader in Unified Communications (UC) education and information, identified a new product category, Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM). BCOM solutions are a critical factor for Unified... Read More
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