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The High Cost of Doing Nothing. Reassess Your Communications Strategy Before it is Too Late.

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There is no better time for businesses to reassess their communications and collaboration technology than right now! As commerce and doing business continues to evolve so should ones platforms and processes too, where turning a blind eye could have serious repercussions for stakeholders. The undeniable consequences a business stands to face by ignoring essential communication and collaboration needs includes:

Negative affect on company culture:
Each user and department has its own way of getting things done.
By not taking individual employee communication preferences into account customers risk impacting company culture and levels of productivity. Nobody ever enjoyed being forced to use technology that they didn?t see the inherent benefits or value in. This must be avoided at all cost! Today?s businesses foster a culture of positivity, innovation, and teamwork, where UC technology, when applied correctly, can not only boost efficiency but overall result in happier workers who remain loyal to the company.
Turn off valuable new talent:
The number of millennials is projected to soon outnumber baby boomers! Businesses need to prepare for this new generation of workers!
Consider this for a moment? on average 95 percent of millennials prefer to use their smart devices for texting, internet, email, and voice/ video calls ? and they expect to have these very tools and functionality in the workplace. This is unavoidable, and Millennials will find what they believe to be a better way to communicate, if even by bringing external applications (known as Shadow IT/UC) into the environment. Either business provides a way, or risk employees finding their own way. Our advice ? Don?t risk becoming part of the 53 percent of hiring managers who have difficulty finding and retaining millennials!
Introduce severe security risks:
Today we have many different devices accessing our corporate data and communication, and it is a pressing need for companies to have a policy to accommodate these devices whilst maintaining highest levels of system integrity and security.
We recently read an article that addressed the core of this very challenge, where the question was whether WhatsApp could be used as a business tool. The message really highlighted that with WhatsApp there is no integration back into the Corporate communications system, no reporting or management, and very little confidence when it comes to transacting over such a medium. Fundamentally, corporate UC means providing the same levels of functionality and User experience, therefore bridging the gap that wide-spread OTT apps such as WhatsApp have.
It?s comprehensible that perhaps some businesses are hesitant to adopt new technologies as a result of financial restraints or a general uncertainty of where to focus its efforts when transitioning to new developments, however, it?s obvious that in today?s competitive market, businesses cannot afford to be complacent and stay in the same place.
Pansmart is geared to work with you and your customer to identify the best way to approach UC, whether evaluating deployment models or building the user cases, our team is on hand and ready to get involved and add value to the process.
Why not reach out today for a formal introduction to the world of Unified Communications with Panasonic.
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