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20 October 2017 - Independent telecoms firm Otel Communications is on track to eventually employ at least 75% of its current crop of interns sourced from the country’s leading tertiary institutions. Earlier this year, Otel’s interns embarked on a... Read More
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Voice Offers Attractive Opportunities for Resellers The ratio of voice-based to data-based communication still leans heavily towards voice.  That’s according to Otel Communications which highlighted the fact that businesses have to invest in state-... Read More
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This article was originally published on EngineeringNews staggering one billion people, out of a total global population of 7.5 billion, will be using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to communicate with each other by the end of 2017.    That’s... Read More
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This article was originally published on IT-Online High-speed fibre optic broadband access is the most promising suburban development since electricity. “Fibre’s the best thing since lightbulbs began lighting up homes,” says Rad Jankovic, CEO of... Read More
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High-speed fibre optic broadband access is increasingly viewed as a basic amenity by property buyers and should be included in development plans as early as possible. That's according to independent telecommunications provider, OTEL, which says it'... Read More
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South Africa's increasingly competitive telecoms landscape is good news for the economy but potentially confusing for the consumer. Local fixed, mobile and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) users today have a choice of a couple of fixed line... Read More
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Two-thirds of South African respondents to a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) global survey indicated they have been victims of economic crime over the preceding 24 months. Almost one-third of local organisations reported experiencing cybercrime. Debit... Read More
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"Brace for tax pain: higher corporate tax possible" is how veteran money matters columnist Jackie Cameron saw Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's recent mini Budget Speech playing out. "Squeezing additional shareholder value out of corporate... Read More
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OTEL high-speed fibre customers can expect faster commissioning of their broadband services as the independent telco launches new retail fibre products on the back of partnership agreements with Dark Fibre Africa, Telkom and Neotel. OTEL's national... Read More
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Lakefield's anticipated broadband roll-out kicks-off in the first week of September as Teralink and OTEL team up to deliver super-fast Internet access to residents and business owners. "Spring starts on a high speed note for Benoni as Internet... Read More
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Otel is offering cost effective all-in-one VoIP, Cloud and Internet solutions to take your business to the next level. With Otel’s broad range of services, you won’t need to go to several Service Providers for a solution that fits your businesses... Read More
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OTEL Telecoms' Internet via LTE adds another layer of reliability to voice-based business communication that remains an important part of daily commercial life. LTE, or long-term evolution, is a 4G wireless technology commonly used to connect... Read More
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OTEL Telecoms' new status as a ZYCOO® approved distributor means it has realtime access to direct technical support from one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of IP (Internet Protocol) unified communications solutions. The... Read More
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South African corporates and consumers are abandoning copper technology at the rate of some 15 000 lines every month. This is according to independent telecoms provider, OTEL Telecoms, quoting ICASA (Independent Communications Regulatory Authority... Read More
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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ticks all the required boxes and yet this telecommunications technology that's more affordable than cellular and more reliable than copper continues to suffer something of a reputation problem. "VoIP is cheaper... Read More
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OTEL has expanded its Fibre-To-The-Business (FTTB) roll-out to Ekurhuleni with the provisioning of broadband voice and data services in a substantial and well-known office park in Boksburg. The Independent telecoms provider says extending its FTTB... Read More
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South African telecoms consumers today are so spoilt for choice that it is easy to forget a time when we had a choice of two cellular network operators and one fixed line operator. After the opening up several years ago of the telecoms sector to... Read More
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ICT industry veteran Christopher Geerdts has joined CEO Rad Jankovic at the helm of OTEL Telecoms (Pty) Ltd as COO (Chief Operations Officer).

 "Chris has been specifically appointed as OTEL's COO to support the company during the current rapid... Read More
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South Africa's office parks are devouring broadband connectivity to such an extent that OTEL has quadrupled its network capacity since 25 December 2015. The independent telco says the upgrade took place between Christmas and New Year and saw its... Read More
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With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reducing its GDP outlook for South Africa to a dismal 1.3% for next year, from an initial acceptable forecast of 2.1%, it's clear that demand for goods and services will continue to be weak in 2016.... Read More
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