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VoIP up your business growth and productivity

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If data is the lifeblood of a business, then communication is air to its lungs. Business communication unites all aspects of a business and is a key driver of business success. Communication technologies are in a constant state of change and the phone system in particular has made an astonishing transformation.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a calling technology that allows users to make calls over the Internet and doesn?t require dedicated point-to-point connections.

Global VoIP usage has been increasing steadily alongside growing Internet penetration and reduced data costs. In South Africa, VoIP services have become more affordable and easy to install, use and maintain. The number of traditional fixed line connections has fallen to its lowest since 1992.

Nashua?s VoIP services are tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes looking to reduce their telecommunication costs. Provided businesses have access to a fast and reliable Internet connection, VoIP can be accessed and used anytime, anywhere and from a variety of devices.

Step into the VoIP
For some, the uncertainties of network coverage as well as the process and cost of a VoIP migration is enough to avoid it. But for how long? Technology waits for no business and neither do customers. To remain competitive, businesses in emerging markets must start capitalising on the cost-saving and productivity benefits of digital technologies. It?s necessary for growth and survival.

The most appealing feature of business VoIP is the low cost of everyday communication. New features are constantly added to promote business growth and meet changing communication needs. VoIP technology offers extensive features such as checking voicemail, video conferencing, three-way calling, call forwarding and recording, music on hold and caller ID. It also offers voice and data integration and works well with other systems such as Office Outlook.

Why VoIP is a future business must-have
Businesses of all sizes are taking up VoIP technology which is already very popular across industries, from banking, health care and hospitality to retail and education.

VoIP is easy to use and offers high-speed, high-quality communication in real-time. If not closely monitored, traditional telephone bills can rock the boat of any business. Small businesses in particular can benefit from lowered local and international calling costs.

VoIP boosts business flexibility, mobility and productivity. Fast and affordable communication with a mobile or remote workforce can speed up the workflow and boost overall productivity. So too can other VoIP features, such as virtual meetings, easy data sharing and video conferencing. With headsets and IP phones, your workforce can even make calls while travelling.

No more terrifying phone bills and cluttered desks. VoIP is here to stay and will play a significant role in creating the dynamic and flexible workspaces of tomorrow. Nashua?s free office assessment can help you optimise your business equipment, software and processes with integrated business solutions to maximise your operational efficiency and minimise costs.


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