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Massive NeoBroadband uncapped fibre price cuts

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This article was originally published on MyBroadband

Liquid Telecom has informed clients about its new NeoBroadband product portfolio, offering price cuts of up to 58%.

NeoBroadband fibre packages are uncapped and offer symmetrical download and upload speeds, and are aimed at the business market. These packages therefore do not compete against much cheaper fibre-to-the-home services.

Each service is allocated five static public IP addresses. For businesses that need a NAT solution, only one public IP address will be made available.

It also possible to add on voice services, with 12 SIP channels priced at R500 per month, up to 36 SIP channels for R1,300 per month.

Clients will have to sign a 12 or 24-month contract, depending on feasibility, said Liquid Telecom.

Packages will include a router for new clients, while existing clients may keep their router. The company warned that it may become incapable of managing the higher bandwidths supported on the network, however.

?Liquid Telecom will provide a new router on extension of agreement, or alternatively a levy fee of R750 to replace the existing router,? it said.

The once-off installation cost of NeoBroadband fibre remains R1,500.


NeoBroadband Fibre Old Price p/m New Price p/m % Change
5Mbps R1,600 ? ?
10Mbps R3,050 R1,600 -47.5%
15Mbps R5,100 ? ?
20Mbps R6,600 R3,050 -53.8%
30Mbps R8,200 ? ?
50Mbps R11,700 R4,900 -58.1%
100Mbps R13,000 R7,900 -39.2%
200Mbps R17,000 R13,000 -23.5%
500Mbps ? R17,000 ?
1,000Mbps ? R33,000 ?

Fair use policy

Liquid Telecom will implement the following ?soft cap? limits as part of its fair use policy. If you hit the cap, your speed is reset at the start of every month.

NeoBroadband Fibre Soft Cap Rate Limit
5Mbps 750GB 2.5Mbps
10Mbps 1,500GB 5Mbps
15Mbps 2,250GB 7.5Mbps
20Mbps 3,000GB 10Mbps
30Mbps 4,500GB 15Mbps
50Mbps 7,500GB 25Mbps
100Mbps 15,000GB 50Mbps
200Mbps 30,000GB 100Mbps
500Mbps 50,000GB 200Mbps
1,000Mbps 100,000GB 250Mbps


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