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The Interactive Intelligence PureCloud platform provides a cloud-based suite of communications, collaboration and contact-center applications aimed at organizations of all sizes. With a presence in more than 35 countries and offering services from... Read More
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The announcement by Genesys that the company has reached an agreement with Interactive Intelligence to acquire their competitor for $1.4B will have a major impact on the overall market, both in Contact Centers as well as in the more general... Read More
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So a decision has been made that is a culmination of some recent announcements ? Genesys is buying Interactive Intelligence (ININ): here's the link to the announcement. This is on the heels of a number of posts about potential and actual M&A... Read More
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Most industry events feature an acclaimed author keynoting about disruptive trends and ideas that lead you to rethink everything. Some are more convincing than others, and it?s always a challenge for the speaker to couch his/her message in terms... Read More
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After a slow start in South Africa, cloud adoption is picking up fast, following global trends in which spend on cloud services is rapidly doubling and even tripling. According to IDC, spend on public cloud services will grow from around $70... Read More
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Interactive Intelligence Group, a global provider of software and cloud services for customer engagement, unified communications and collaboration, has been named a Leader in the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Centre... Read More
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Interactive Intelligence positioned as a leader for seventh consecutive year. Interactive Intelligence Group, a global provider of collaboration, communications and customer engagement software and cloud services, has been positioned as a leader in... Read More
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Select sessions covering collaboration, communications and customer engagement technology, trends and best practices to be Livestreamed on 9 and 10 June. Interactive Intelligence Group, a global provider of collaboration, communications and... Read More
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Based on its ongoing analysis of the contact centre systems market, Frost & Sullivan recognises Interactive Intelligence Group with the 2014 EMEA Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.Interactive Intelligence’s end- to-end suite of... Read More
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Interactive Intelligence has announced that it will partner with FMG, New Zealand’s leading rural insurer, to roll out its Customer Interaction Center (CIC) IP communications software suite across the company’s Kiwi service centre operations.... Read More
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