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Old PBXs Can Learn New Tricks: Unlock the Cloud with Legacy Equipment

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This article was originally published on TelecomReseller 

Looking to move your communications to the cloud but not sure you?re ready to make the leap because of your legacy equipment? It can be difficult to make the decision to retire a PBX that you?ve invested so much capital, time, and energy in, even though cloud communications can offer you so much more.

Many companies are faced with a similar dilemma and decide to start with SIP Trunking, since it allows for leveraging existing telephony equipment. However, not all PBXs have the capability for IP connections. What to do, then?

Good news! You can enable your non-IP PBX for SIP trunking using an on-premise device that converts PRI interface to SIP.  This lets you protect capital investments, position for a future move to cloud communications, and enjoy the benefits that come from cloud-based phone service, such as:

Cost Savings

You can save an average of 40% on telecom costs by switching from expensive analog lines and PRI plans. Think of what you could do with the savings! Put it towards future equipment upgrades and/or a full migration to cloud communications, perhaps?

Scalability & Flexibility

One of the best attributes of cloud-based phone service is that it?s extremely flexible. You can quickly and easily scale service to meet business needs, such as seasonality, without needing to increase the capacity of your equipment.

Resiliency & Redundancy

Another great feature is that it?s highly-available.  You can rely on redundant SIP trunks and geographically diverse datacenters to help ensure business continuity if there is a natural disaster or site outage.

Advanced Capabilities

Cloud communications providers, like IntelePeer, can deliver advanced functionality that you can?t get from premises equipment.  For example, you can front-end your phone service with cloud-based call routing that lets you create routing rules to direct inbound call traffic based on geography, time of day, or other factors. You can also enhance your customers? call-in experience by implementing self-service and advanced IVR applications.

See? An old PBX can learn new tricks!

At IntelePeer we help you get more out of your communications investment by unlocking all of these benefits and more. 


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