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FTTH and FTTB: What it means for your business

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Why is fibre different? Why is it better than ADSL, 3G or any other telecom service?

Grant Parker, GM, SEACOM Business South Africa: The way we see fibre is that it's an enabler for living your digital life. That world is very now. You have to be connected anytime and all the time. It's really about the experience while you are connecting to your business interest and your personal interest. Fibre takes away the barrier to that experience. The more fibre you have access to, the more you will consume. At the end of the day, it comes down to the customer experience at the end of that fibre.

Greg Wilson, CEO of IT, Carrier Solutions, Reflex Solutions: For me, the difference is the way it's been taken to market. Traditionally, we had to wait for Telkom because they had the ADSL network, and we had to wait for them to get service. Fibre is now being rolled out by 20 different players, maybe more. Having many players providing a service means that people can get a product that suits their lives. If they only want a 4Meg service, they can get it.

The market can decide what they want. This is why it's different. This is why it's changing lives.

George Kalebaila, research director for telecommunications, media & IoT, International Data Corporation (IDC): When I look at fibre, I don't see any difference when I look at wireless broadband and ADSL. It's part of the connectivity. What is different, are the kinds of applications you can run over fibre. With fibre, you can run more bandwidth-intensive services. Consumers, for example, have a better experience with streaming video and online gaming with fibre.

Johan Nel, ICT channel specialist, Quadular: I disagree. The fact is ADSL has a cap limit. It's the same with mobile. It's this limitation that's stopping people from utilising the internet at full capacity.


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