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There are some positive noises being made on South Africa’s fibre front, but a true consumer-level offering is still years away, according to an industry expert South Africa’s telecommunications industry is slowly making its way to full fibre-to-the... Read More
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The City of Joburg (COJ) Broadband Project has promised true smart city status to the city after it goes live on 1 July, but residents can look forward to additional benefits. BWired, the company that will operate the project for 12 years, says the... Read More
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Widespread criminality, often involving syndicates, is making it difficult for fibre-optic telecommunications companies to deploy infrastructure, especially in underserviced parts of the country, often to the detriment of poor communities. By Duncan... Read More
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Internet service provider RSAWeb has begun offering commercial services over the City of Cape Town’s fibre infrastructure. By Craig Wilson. Businesses in Cape Town’s central business district can now access the city’s fibre network, with service... Read More
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Open-access fibre infrastructure supplier Conduct Telecommunications says it will connect business premises in Johannesburg and Cape Town to its fibre-optic broadband network at no cost. The company intends to expand its footprint to 100 business... Read More
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Conduct Telecommunications (Conduct) is the latest company in South Africa to invest in fibre infrastructure aimed at providing cost effective and fast access to metropolitan fibre networks. Conduct is rolling out last mile fibre infrastructure,... Read More
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Fibre telecommunications industry lobby group, the FTTH Council Africa, has warned it will take the Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality to court on Friday if it continues to enforce a moratorium, introduced on Tuesday, on new fibre installations on... Read More
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Dark Fibre Africa is aggressively rolling out fibre in South African cities and towns, making it easier to provide FTTx services Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has already laid more than 5,000 kilometres of fibre infrastructure in South Africa, and the... Read More
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Weeks after independent fibre operator Metrofibre Networx completed the roll-out of high-speed fibre-optic access infrastructure to Rivonia in Johannesburg, the company has announced it has extended the network to Linbro Business Park, a giant... Read More
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