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If your business still relies on copper for its connectivity, it may be time to move to high-speed fibre. Businesses need a robust and reliable communications network, and constant connectivity is essential. To serve these needs, Telkom has... Read More
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The CraigPark Residents Association (CRA) has released fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) prices, citing savings of between R760 and R1 500 compared to "other" Internet service providers (ISPs). The CRA, which encompasses Johannesburg's northern suburbs of... Read More
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While industry watchers have painted an apathetic picture of the outlook for landscape-changing fibre in SA in the short-term, the ingenuity of communities willing to step up to the plate bodes well. This is according to local communications ... Read More
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Video-on-demand, smart homes and the Internet of things are all pushing the need for fibre in SA, but the outlook – despite much noise and tentative moves over the past – remains apathetic in 2015. While hopes ran high last year amid what seemed to... Read More
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Video-on-demand, smart homes and the Internet of things are all pushing the need for fibre in SA, but the outlook – despite much noise and tentative moves over the past – remains apathetic in 2015. While hopes ran high last year amid what seemed to... Read More
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Many service providers are offering fibre-to-the-home products in South Africa – here are the best deals in town Web Africa launched its new Telkom-based fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) products on 21 January 2015, offering speeds of between 20Mbps and... Read More
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Web Africa has unveiled its Telkom-based fibre-to-the-home products, offering speeds of 20Mbps, 40Mbps, and 100Mbps Web Africa has launched its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) products which will use Telkom’s infrastructure, offering speeds of between... Read More
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Following a recent string of legal battles between municipalities and several telecommunications companies, most notably the judgement of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in favour of Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) over the Msunduzi municipality, a... Read More
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International technology websites are full of complaints about cable Internet providers in the United States, and one can’t help but wonder if South Africa is heading the same way Two affluent Johannesburg suburbs took their broadband future into... Read More
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  The availability of fibre and the adoption thereof is on the increase. However, more fibre also means security threats are rapidly on the increase. So says Johan Olivier, commercial manager at XDSL, who notes, in the past 18 months, security... Read More
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Vumatel has identified Parktown North as the next suburb that will get fibre after Parkhurst.  Parktown North has become the latest suburb where residents are working together to have an ultra-high-speed fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network installed... Read More
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BWired, a leading network solutions and services provider, is proud to introduce its Point to Anywhere Metro Connect Layer 2 Ethernet broadband service. Today, clients located within the Johannesburg metro, via a specific VLAN, can now take... Read More
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Liquid Telecom South Africa has announced details of its new reseller programme, established in response to increasing demand for high-speed broadband from enterprises and individuals across South Africa. It is part of Liquid Telecom’s mission to... Read More
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2014 has been a watershed year for fibre in SA – thanks not only to resourceful residents, but also to smaller ICT players that have driven the technologythat is likely to one day be the standard in connectivity, replacing its predecessor copper.... Read More
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The residents’ association has favoured an open-access model for fibre to the home, appointing Dark Fibre Africa to wire up homes in the upmarket Johannesburg suburb Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has won a tender from the Parkview Residents’ Association... Read More
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Telecommunications start-up Vumatel says the first homes in Parkhurst have gone live on its fibre-to-the-home network (FTTH) with speeds of up to 1Gbps. The company broke ground for the fibre project in the Johannesburg suburb at the end of August... Read More
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Forget about how much fibre SA has. The numbers that really matter are the ones that reflect what still needs to be connected. This is according to Reshaad Sha, chief strategy officer at Dark Fibre Africa (DFA). Presenting on behalf of DFA at the... Read More
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The FTTH Council Africa hosted its first annual awards on Wednesday, 29 October in Johannesburg. "In an industry that is still relatively new, there are many challenges, trials and uncertainties. This year the members of the board felt it necessary... Read More
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There has been a shift from building and developing backbone infrastructure o connecting the last mile point and connecting these to the fibre-optic grid. The is according to Richard Came, president of the FTTH Council Africa, who opened the third... Read More
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The Msunduzi Municipality spent lots of resources, including on legal battles, to try to stop fibre network rollouts in Pietermaritzburg The Supreme Court of Appeal recently ruled in favour of Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) in a case involving the roll... Read More
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