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While the term land grab has negative association, in the telecommunications space it means good news for consumers. This is according to Warren Bonheim, chief commercial office of ISP Zinia, who points out that South Africans pay a lot more than... Read More
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Telecommunications provider, Broadlink has announced its upgraded network expansion project has begun and already over 40 new high sites are live. This new look network is expanding the capabilities and product performance in new geographic areas... Read More
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FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) is a big talking point in South Africa at the moment, offering lightning-fast speeds at the fraction of the cost one would expect from similar ADSL lines. Unfortunately, even some of South Africa’s largest suburbs don’t... Read More
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These are the fibre Internet service providers which had the fastest average download speeds in MyBroadband’s latest speed test results. The latest MyBroadband speed testresults show that Seacom had the fastest average speeds of all fibre-based... Read More
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Fibre-to-the-home installations are not happening as fast or as cheaply as they should, the FTTH Council Africa has said. A number of property developers and landlords are preventing fibre-to-the-home networks from being rolled out as quickly and... Read More
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When adding fibre to your premises, you’ll want the process to be as seamless as possible. A smooth transition from DSL to fibre is only a click away when your equipment is both DSL and fibre ready. This is especially important if you intend to... Read More
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The battle for supremacy in the multibillion-rand local fibre-to-the-home market is just beginning, with established telecommunications players and a number of independents all vying for their share. Vumatel CEO Niel Schoeman said he expected... Read More
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Unlike ISP’s that rely on fibre that is supplied by other operators, Fredd digs, lays and manages his own. And it is not just any old fibre, but “all-glass” fibre. Fredd’s superior end-to-end connectivity means a far more robust fibre... Read More
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While most fibre providers are digging up the northern suburbs of Johannesburg , TT Connect have been busy trenching their own open access last mile fibre throughout the East Rand. As a member of the Multinational Tesuco Group and the only ISO... Read More
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Telkom’s fibre-to-the-home lines are cheaper than ADSL and VDSL lines, which is why Internet service providers are calling for a naked ADSL service. Telkom’s fibre-to-the-home service is gaining traction in South Africa as the company grows its... Read More
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As more Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Business (FTTB) is deployed, more consumers and businesses are keen to access high bandwidth broadband services such as video on demand and gaming. Infinity Fibre, the consumer division of... Read More
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Consumers should be wary of making assumptions about what a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) package covers, say people in the industry. "As simple as it sounds, consumers need to ensure that they are fully aware of what is and isn't included in a FTTH... Read More
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This is how the prices of South Africa’s fibre service providers compare. CipherWave recently announced thelaunch of HomeConnect, its suite of uncapped fibre-to-the-home products. Its services run on fibre from Vumatel, Metrofibre Networx, and... Read More
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MIDRAND – Vorna Valley Residents Association says residents are happy with a fibre optic service provided by a company working in the area. Link Africa offers fibre in sewer and storm water drains and is currently working in Vorna Valley, Midrand... Read More
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Durban - KZN will lead the way in the country’s digital future, as a major Chinese fibre optics company lays multimillion-rand roots in the province. Yangtze Optics Africa Cable (YOAC) broke ground on its R150-million fibre optics cable company on... Read More
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Did you know that fibre existed in South Africa in 2007? Yes, nine years ago it did exist in South Africa, but it was a well-hidden, underutilised technology, not available to our mobile network operators, the “second national operator”, value-... Read More
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A turf war to lay fibre optic cables directly to homes in South Africa’s largest metros is delivering faster speeds and cheaper prices. A host of new entrants is using various technologies to set up fibre networks in suburbs and business... Read More
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Residents and businesses in Cape Town will soon get connected via the city's sewage pipes The City of Cape Town has approved the use municipal sewage and storm water pipes for fibre-optic connectivity. This follows the move by the City of Cape... Read More
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Fibre optics allow for the communication of data at the speed of light. But the amount of data that can be sent along any optic fibre is limited by how much information you can encode into the light wave travelling through it. Currently, optic... Read More
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South Africa’s telecoms industry is on the cusp of its next wave of growth, thanks to the growing uptake of bandwidth intensive applications such as Cloud services and Internet TV streaming from businesses and consumers alike. That’s according to... Read More
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