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Facebook is about to enter the business collaboration market, and though the space is crowded, the opportunity for Facebook at Work is clear — but the company must earn trust in the enterprise. The enterprise collaboration space is already noisy,... Read More
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Facebook has just recently updated its FB Messenger app, allowing it to support Apple's CallKit framework which was introduced alongside iOS 10. Facebook pressed a major update to its Messenger software earlier this month. iPhone users who already... Read More
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The recent war ignited between Facebook and Adblock Plus has once again thrown sharp relief on how the digital industry needs to employ a little soul searching when it comes to strategy and delivery. Described by some as an ‘arms race’ and even as... Read More
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Instant messaging appplications WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will not combine and will operate independently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said. The statement was made after WhatsApp’s recent announcement that information of users would be... Read More
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Facebook has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Recall the tagline for the Oscar-winning 2010 film, The Social Network: “You Don’t Get to 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies.” If that movie were released today, just six... Read More
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Looking to improve the calling functions on iOS devices, Apple on Monday announced iOS 10 features like voicemail transcriptions, and a new API for third-party VoIP apps, allowing them to behave more like regular iPhone calls. The transcription... Read More
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Facebook is again trying its hand at SMS. Its Messenger platform has introduced SMS support on Android devices. The feature is not available for Apple users because iOS doesn’t support app permissions for accessing text messages/SMS, according to... Read More
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Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android has added VoIP-based Group Calling feature. While a similar upgrade is missing for Windows Phone counterpart with no specific time frame. There seemed some confusion over the number of members that users... Read More
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Facebook Messenger, which passed the 800-million user mark in 2015, is out to kill the phone number. That’s according to post from the social network’s Vice President of Messaging David Marcus, in which he outlines what the messaging platform is... Read More
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Aquila, a drone with a 130-ft (40-m) wingspan built by social media company Facebook, is shown in this publicity photo released to Reuters. Facebook said it is ready to begin test flights of a high-altitude drone designed to provide Internet... Read More
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Facebook has added video calling to its Messenger application for Android and iOS. When activated, Facebook Messenger video calling will add a camera icon to the top right corner of chat windows. “You can quickly start a video call from any... Read More
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As it stands, video calling is unlikely to take off in any significant way in SA, with voice applications gaining traction among local mobile users long before video really drives a wedge into the market. Data costs, network coverage, quality of... Read More
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Whether you use the Facebook Messenger app or not, you now have the option of accessing all of your messages as well as some of the service’s other feature on your computer with the arrival of Messenger.com. Messenger.com launched last night as a... Read More
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Facebook is trying to mold its Messenger app into a more versatile communications channel as smartphones create new ways for people to connect with friends and businesses. Facebook is trying to mold its Messenger app into a more versatile... Read More
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