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As businesses move more and more of their applications and services to the cloud – often in data centres in locations removed from their premises – they experience a drop in end-user experience due to higher latency. A similar problem exists at a... Read More
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Simon Peter, head of the Microsoft Licensing business unit at EOH, spoke to Ansie Vicente about the intricacies of licensing. Simon Peter 1. How have licensing models changed over the last few years and what effect has this had on your clients?... Read More
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Unified communications will form the bedrock of all business communications in the near future. We are already seeing widespread adoption of the types of UC currently available, with much more powerful, integrated solutions not far off. When we... Read More
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EOH Cloud Services has expanded its offering for South African businesses, with the launch of a cloud-based collaboration solution for IP telephony. This new offering will provide businesses with all the traditional office phone system call... Read More
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Companies may think they know about voice over Internet Protocol, but do they really? In the decade since VOIP became available, it has become a mainstream telecommunications solutionfor businesses and consumers alike. Large enterprises, in... Read More
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Merging video and voice will be the tip of the iceberg, with tools, interfaces and technologies allowing for virtual reality experiences, says Eduard Du Plessis, MD of EOH-NS. Innovation and communication are two of the traits that have allowed... Read More
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EOH has announced that it has partnered with Cloudera, the global provider of the fastest, easiest and most secure data management and analytics platform. The EOH offering, EOH Cloudera Services, provides a complete, robust and collaborative... Read More
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Helps clients grow faster, lower operational costs and reduce security risks EOH Enterprise Content Management (ECM) today announced that it has joined the OpenText Global Partner Program, becoming an OpenText Gold (Premier) partner. EOH EIM... Read More
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Unified communications as a service offers a total communications service without the need for network hardware or application software purchases, says Richard Vester, director at EOH Cloud Services. As tough economic climates are driving... Read More
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A successful UC system in an enterprise environment requires a solid network infrastructure, says Rikus Jansen, Head of Voice & Unified Communications at EOH. A successful unified communications (UC) system in an enterprise environment requires... Read More
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Looking ahead, companies will only invest in solutions that support collaboration and scale across all platforms, says Stuart Hardy, business unit manager at EOH Network Solutions. Much has been said and written about the technologies that have... Read More
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"The Internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet. The Internet has replaced the functions of the telephone and the post office. The Internet has redefined commerce, and as the outpouring from four million Americans has... Read More
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Companies need a UC strategy to meet the needs of the digital workplace, says Stuart Hardy, business unit manager at EOH-NS. The way companies operate has fundamentally been altered in light of new digital forms of communication, particularly... Read More
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EOH Network Solutions (EOH NS) believes its voice over IP solution, using Voice over IP Broadband Enhancement (ViBE) technology, will provide clients with greater flexibility in terms of choosing a cost-effective alternative to traditional fixed-... Read More
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