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How to effectively integrate WhatsApp into your contact centre

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This article was originally published on MyBroadband

WhatsApp Business is undergoing pilot testing, which will enable companies to have yet another channel in order to communicate more efficiently with their customers.

?WhatsApp still needs to find its rightful place in business, and this is largely due to the fact that the app did not previously support this sector of the market,? says 1Stream?s Director, Bruce von Maltitz.

?In its former guise, building WhatsApp into your contact centre would run the risk of crashing as it was not officially supported by WhatsApp.?

This has now changed and WhatsApp will soon be offering an official, maintained and approved way of providing customer support. It will become easier for companies to communicate with their customers quickly using a reliable and secure platform.

Over one billion people use WhatsApp every day to stay connected with their family and friends, and over time, more people will use the app to communicate with the companies they come into contact with.

The WhatsApp Business app will offer free tools for small companies, as well as an enterprise solution for bigger companies operating at a larger scale with a global customer base. These include airlines, e-commerce sites, and financial institutions.

?However, it will not be sufficient to simply add a WhatsApp channel to your customer service centre, as it will need to be fully integrated with your current channels to ensure that routing and reporting forms part of an omni-channel solution,? adds von Maltitz.

?This can?t be handled as a separate stand alone channel, as this inefficiency is both expensive and time-consuming.?

1Stream?s offering is cutting-edge, and designed to handle multi-media platforms like WhatsApp Business.


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