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A customer-obsessed contact centre focuses on enhancing the knowledge of and engagement with customers, says Presence Technology. Becoming "customer-obsessed" is one of the top trends that will impact the contact centre industry this year. This is... Read More
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The cloud is currently one of the biggest buzzwords, or some may say 'IT jargon', in the IT space, and is also the topic of many business discussions around the contact centre environment. The benefits of moving to the cloud seem clear: it enables... Read More
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From the Selfie to the Stickler, companies bring a broad range of attitudes, approaches and investments to customer care. Demonstrating this is contact centre solutions provider, Ocular Technologies' partner, Aspect Software, in its "personas study... Read More
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Artificial Intelligence is not yet a reality. But very smart computers are. They’re poised to take over all sorts of routine, repetitive tasks. After all, a robot doesn’t make mistakes, it can’t get tired and slack off, it won’t lack motivation,... Read More
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New Year is traditionally the time for retrospectives and projections from analyst firms, vendors and pundits on their respective industry sectors and the contact centre industry is no exception, with the publication of a lengthy "Executive Report... Read More
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The power of customer experience and growing competition are driving companies to take a more scientific approach to building customer loyalty. The term 'customer experience' is becoming increasingly used to describe all the touch-points,... Read More
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Contact centre specialist Ocular Technologies is taking its new, 100% cloud contact centre solution aggressively to market, aiming to put enterprise-grade contact centre features into the hands of every business. Ocular Technologies' new O!Connect... Read More
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Most of us would rather trust a stranger's opinion than enquire about our purchases at the contact centre, according to new research from Aspect Software We are all now customer service representatives, with most of us preferring to resolve issues... Read More
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Small to mid-sized contact centres and companies with no contact centres can now get their own no-capex, low-risk, subscription-based facility up and running within minutes, with the launch of O!Connect, Ocular Technologies' 100% cloud-based... Read More
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Our readers share their predictions about the future of the contact centre industry. The number of calls will decrease but AHT will increase Voice calls will reduce and be replaced by online activity, although average call times will increase due... Read More
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Lisa Binney reveals the best practice advice every contact centre should follow. 1. Get your senior managers out on the floor… Permanently! In one company I worked for, no manager had an office, they didn’t even have a special bank of desks… They... Read More
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The expansion of skills remains vital to the support offered by the South African government to investors, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies. Davies, who was joined by King Goodwill Zwelithini, was speaking at the launch of the R200-... Read More
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Cloud technology holds just as much, if not more, power for small businesses and their call centres as it does for large ones, says Jed Hewson, director at cloud contact centre technology provider, 1Stream.“A lot of people think that cloud... Read More
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Today's contact centre agents deal with a large number of cutting-edge technologies, which are moving forward in leaps and bounds. Thanks to the powerful solutions now available, business can be conducted faster, pushing the number of transactions... Read More
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Contact Center Solution Enhances Customer Interactions With New Operator Console, Supervisor Visibility, Mobility, Video Integration, and Extended Lync Functionality PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Jan 20, 2015) - Enghouse Interactive (@EnghouseInterac... Read More
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Either commit to a full-blown Web chat deployment, or don't deploy the solution at all. Web chat is a fast-growing communication channel with mature technology. Unfortunately, most Web chat interactions are sliding down the poor customer experience... Read More
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Customer-centric companies will build trust with customers by using a combination of data management and big data analytics, says Ben Rund, senior director of product marketing at Informatica. Ben Rund, senior director of product marketing at ... Read More
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Contact centers are the facilities that manage client’s contacts through various mediums such as letter, e-mail, fax, telephone and online live chat. Contact center is defined as a synchronized system of people, strategies, technologies and... Read More
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South Africa’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry continues to grow from strength to strength, attracting investment and creating new jobs especially in the 18 to 35 age group, where job creation for young people is most needed. “The... Read More
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Contact centres are often a customer’s only point of interaction with a business and its brand, and as such service should be optimised to provide the best experience possible, says Marco van Biljoen, executive head: Gauteng and Central, The Jasco... Read More
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