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Today's consumers are more demanding than ever; exposed to an array of options and providers for all facets of their daily lives, and with switching providers becoming easier, keeping its customers happy is a major priority for any business. Within... Read More
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Your industry needs YOU! SJ Bell highlights some changes we could all make to help improve the reputation of the contact centre. 1. Clamp down on nuisance calls The reputation of the contact centre industry has unfortunately been tarnished by a... Read More
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Your industry needs YOU! SJ Bell highlights some changes we could all make to help improve the reputation of the contact centre. 1. Clamp down on nuisance calls The reputation of the contact centre industry has unfortunately been tarnished by a... Read More
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Our readers share their tips on how you can exceed your customers’ expectations. 1. Focus on soft skills to create an excellent customer experience Most of our compliments in the call centre are related to how we make our customers feel. Customers... Read More
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Our readers share their top tips for improving First Contact Resolution (FCR). 1. Review your repeat contacts and see what you could do differently Each month we sit down and look at the records of the people that have contacted us the most. We... Read More
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We take a look at the best ways to balance salary and bonus schemes in the contact centre. The split between basic salary and bonus It’s fair to say that, to most employees, basic salary is more important than bonuses. But how much more important?... Read More
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Have you ever thought about what kind of person your business would be if it was human? Or what kind of car? Are you an entry-level Honda, a reliable Toyota, or flashy Jaguar? And what about restaurants? Are you a drive-through take-away that... Read More
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As the business realm continues to digitise, fraud, ID theft and information security concerns grow, and strong authentication becomes a critical issue. Voice biometrics is being adopted globally by companies, especially those with large contact... Read More
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With fast emerging technology such as automated voice messaging (AVM) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) being increasingly introduced into the call centre-run debt collection industry, employers are able to increase productivity and reduce staff... Read More
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If you are running your contact centre effortlessly and cost effectively and your customers are satisfied, this article is not for you. There are very few organisations that should not consider outsourcing their contact centres because there are... Read More
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New research shows that some call centre music calms people down, while other music causes aggression. What emotions do local telecoms call centres inspire? New research published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that popular music... Read More
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Phrases and headlines such as “the customer engagement revolution”, “making customer engagement effortless”, “improving customer engagement” and “investing in customer engagement” abound in traditional media and social media, says Ebrahim Dinat,... Read More
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TransUnion, in partnership with OneVault, has announced plans to develop a national Voice Bank. This national Voice Bank will result in the use of stronger biometrics, like voice, to help businesses curb fraud and identity theft and therefore... Read More
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The days are finally getting longer and the anticipation of spring is in the air. It’s that time of the year which has us dusting off the winter blues, and for many businesses, the time to clean up their customer contact strategy to deliver the... Read More
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Local call centres are finally understanding the benefits of cloud computing, but they must now educate themselves about the functionality and pricing and understand any important considerations, says BRUCE VON MALTITZ. “South African contact... Read More
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Our readers share their thoughts on how you could improve your contact centre. 1. Think about the behaviour your targets are driving It is important to recognise that your targets don’t always drive the behaviour you want. For example, a nail... Read More
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As the world continues to battle with the hangover of the 2008 financial meltdown, companies are continually looking to shave off costs wherever they can – and this is also true of the call centre industry, where bottom-line costs are being... Read More
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In order to assist companies with rating and improving their call centres, Ask Afrika introduced a dedicated call centre benchmark in 2014 into its Orange Index national service delivery survey. The results of the top ten indicate that call centres... Read More
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Vodacom has chosen Genesys Enterprise Workload Management and Digital Channels from Genesys to provide a multi-channel customer experience. Servicing more than 30-million customers daily, Vodacom South Africa recognised a need to interact with the... Read More
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Contact centres, especially outsourced ones that provide services to a multitude of customers, face the challenge of balancing resources and technology between the two main types of service – inbound and outbound, says Marco van Biljoen, executive... Read More
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