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Choosing a contact centre solutions partner in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has become complex owing to the presence of myriad contact centre providers. Buyers will do their due diligence in assessing vendor capabilities irrespective of... Read More
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The traditional way of seeing customer acquisition and customer retention as separate disciplines is an extremely dangerous way of running a modern business, because it traps you in a public lie. So says Sandra Galer, consulting director for... Read More
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While most businesses today are employing some sort of social media strategy, many are still very slow to respond to customer support issues and complaints that come in through this channel. So says Bruce von Maltitz, director at 1Stream.     ... Read More
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Only customer satisfaction scores are a real indicator of the outcome of interactions, says Cecilia Jofr?, Executive of Intuate Group. The foundation of today's customer experience management (CEM) is based on a sharper focus on the customer and... Read More
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Here are five typical red flags that suggest an agent has ‘checked out’ – that they don’t give two hoots. That they just don’t care any more. 1. They’ll be late and lethargic It’s pretty easy to enforce major lateness, but it’s usually the little-... Read More
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Migrating communications systems to the cloud has been one of the dominant trends in the European contact centre industry over the past decade. An upshot of this rapid transition to hosted/cloud contact centre services is the emergence of dozens of... Read More
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Genesys, Cisco and Avaya, closely followed by Interactive Intelligence, have been named as market leaders in IDC’s 2015 MarketScape study of the worldwide contact centre infrastructure and software (CCIS) market. The CCIS market includes voice and... Read More
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Contact centres are rapidly becoming the engines that drive customer engagement, especially in a new digital world where customer experience has become a critical differentiator.               Improved customer experiences have real financial... Read More
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As reported in the South African customer satisfaction index, customer satisfaction is on the decline among some of South Africa’s top companies within the insurance, mobile network, internet, retail and banking industries.  Global leader in... Read More
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With customer engagement having become critical to overall success, South African businesses are set to enjoy all the benefits of professional contact centre engagement with their markets, without needing dedicated contact centre premises,... Read More
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Enghouse Interactive , developer of a comprehensive portfolio of unified communications (UC) and contact center solutions, today announced that it would showcase its expansive portfolio from booth #1029 at IAUG CONVERGE 2015, taking place June 14... Read More
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Companies seeking to improve customer experience to boost business may be overlooking a critical component in the mix: staff. This is according to African contact centre experts polled for a new African contact centre trends publication produced by... Read More
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South African-owned integrated solutions specialist, Intuate Group, announces the signing of a reseller agreement with UK-based numero, a privately owned company that prides itself on an agile, honest and pragmatic approach to delivering customer... Read More
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As customer experience becomes the primary competitive advantage in business, the role of the contact centre is changing significantly. But whether it becomes the heart of the business or a component of the bigger machine depends on the business,... Read More
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Poor attendance in the contact centre can have a negative impact on everything from team morale to schedule adherence. Here are 5 ways to help manage the issue. 1. To be the good cop and the bad cop: phone your absentees at home This is a great... Read More
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Managing the workforce more effectively and reducing costs by creating forecasts for activity is critical in delivering bottom line profits, says Roger Buissinn? of Intuate Group. Implementing the right technology has helped customers of South... Read More
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As customer experience becomes the primary competitive advantage in business, the role of the contact centre is changing significantly. But whether it becomes the heart of the business or a component of the bigger machine depends on the business,... Read More
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With the tough economic times financial institutions are seeing a greater volume of unpaid accounts, longer delinquency periods and an escalation in broken promises as consumers battle to meet their monthly payment commitments. The latest... Read More
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As local networks improve and become more affordable – including cloud computing – more and more call centres will move to the cloud, says Andrew van Niekerk, a director of Teleforge Communications, a specialised call centre solutions provider. “... Read More
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Today's consumers are more demanding than ever; exposed to an array of options and providers for all facets of their daily lives, and with switching providers becoming easier, keeping its customers happy is a major priority for any business. Within... Read More
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