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Geographic Number Portability

The following information was extracted from the Geographic Number Portability Consumer Guidelines as issued by ICASA.


What is Geographic Number Portability? (GNP)

GNP is the ability for customers to transfer their geographic telephone numbers between Network Operators when they switch from one fixed line Network Operator to another.

Geographic telephone numbers are also known as landline or fixed numbers. This refers to the numbers 01x, 02x, 03x, 04x, 05x

This excludes 0860, 0800, 0861, 087, 085, service provider specific numbers (e.g. 1023, etc) and mobile numbers.

What is 'Porting'?

When you change networks but keep your number(s), you “port” your number(s) to another Network Operator.

What is Block Number Portability? (BNP)

Block Number Portability (BNP) refers to a group of 10 000 or 1 000 consecutive numbers, assigned to a single account holder, being ported.

What is Individual Number Portability? (INP)

Individual Number Portability (INP) refers to a single telephone number or a group of numbers consisting of less than 1 000, assigned to a single account holder, being ported.

An example
If you had a number 011 5851234 as part of a larger number block then the number blocks would be defined as the below.

Availability of Porting

You are required to check with your network operator on the availability of block and/or individual porting.

Where do I need to go to port my numbers?

This will depend on your preferred Network Operator, but you can start by contacting your preferred Network Operator.

What process needs to be followed in order to port my numbers?

All port requests should be lodged with your preferred Network Operator. You, the customer, must complete a "port request" according to the requirements of your preferred Network Operator.

Your preferred Network Operator will explain the complete porting process to you in detail.

How much will it cost to port my numbers?

You will be informed of the charges applicable for porting your telephone number by your preferred Network Operator.

I'm in contract with an Operator. Can I still port my telephone number?

Yes you can request to have your telephone number/s ported, but your contract with your current Network Operator will not be automatically cancelled.

Your current Network Operator is still entitled to any money owed on the contract and if not honoured, it could be seen as breach of contract. You will have to continue to pay your monthly subscription until the end of the contract period, or you can pay a cancellation fee to end the contract.

The amounts and conditions will be different, depending on your contract with your current Network Operator. You will have to check the detail with your Network Operator before you decide to port.

Under which conditions am I NOT allowed to port my telephone numbers?

You may not port your telephone number(s) if:

  • you have ported the same telephone number(s) within the last two months;
  • your telephone service has been “suspended” by your current Network Operator from making or receiving calls, because you have not paid your bill, as per the standard policy of your current Network Operator;
  • your telephone number is one of those which are not allowed to be ported, for example it might be a Toll-free number or another telephone number that is not a geographic number;
  • you have provided your preferred Network Operator with an incorrect account number for your telephone service at the time of making your port request;
  • you are not the legitimate owner of the telephone number(s);
  • you requested porting of a block of telephone numbers, but there are telephone numbers in that block allocated to other subscribers; or
  • you are relocating beyond your original Network Operators exchange boundaries.

You are not allowed to request porting to change to yet another Network Operator, while your initial porting request is still in progress.

How long will it take to port?

When you request a port from your preferred Network Operator it will be passed to your current Network Operator who will respond within three working days. The porting process can take as little as 7 working days but as much as 21 working days.

Your Preferred Network Operator will advise you on the timelines.

Will the service with the current Operator automatically be cancelled?

You, the customer, will have to contact your current Network Operator to confirm cancellation of the services.

Can I transfer unused credits?

No, Any credits on your account and unused usage allowances are not transferrable to your preferred Network Operator.

I have different telephone numbers for voice, fax and internet access. Can I port all of these?

Yes, you can port all these telephone numbers, but you will need to specify to your preferred Network Operator which telephone numbers to port.

How do I know if a number has been ported?

You can check if a number has been ported on the following website - https://www.porting.co.za/PublicWebsite/

How will I know if a number I am dialling has been ported?

When you dial a number that has been ported, the operator from whose network you are dialling will indicate the number as ported by the sound of 3 short beeps before the call is connected to the new Provider's network.

This is to indicate that the call is now going to another network and may be subject to different call tariffs. The beeps will be followed by a ringing tone if the number dialled is not busy.

Pricing details regarding on and off net calls are available from the calling party's Network Provider.

I need help, who can I contact?

All enquiries relating to geographic number porting can be addressed to:
ICASA Consumer Affairs Division