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Metrofibre Networx invests in 100Gbps DWDM technology from ADVA Optical Networking provided through XON

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Metrofibre Networx has upgraded its network, deploying ADVA Optical Networking's Metro DWDM 100Gbps solution, with a capacity of multiple terabytes per second. This solution is managed by the ADVA Optical Networking Management Platform, which enables efficient provisioning and management of services and connectivity for Metrofibre Networx's customers.

More bandwidth can be added seamlessly to the network by merely lighting additional lambdas without upgrading the network. The increased capacity allows Metrofibre Networx to serve the growing demand for bandwidth due to the expansion of its wholesale, enterprise and fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

These requirements also drive the demand for high bandwidth connectivity between all the major data centres in Gauteng. This is due to requirements for cloud applications, next-generation data centre connectivity, high-speed file transfer and business continuity solutions. The availability of high bandwidth connectivity between the data centres enables the data centre tenant the flexibility to expand or migrate its data centre connectivity between data centres without disruption of service

"This upgrade ensures that we can offer carrier-grade Tier 1 capacities to carriers, large enterprises and the financial services sector," says Gary Webster, head of Sales at Metrofibre Networx. "Many organisations need carrier-class connectivity in the last mile (up to 100Gbps) that connects them to the major data centres, and this upgrade provides the capacity and the quality of service expected at this level."

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