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Lisa Thornton Inc

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Lisa Thornton Inc

39 Newport Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg
Lisa Thornton Inc is a consulting and legal practice for the ICT industry, located in South Africa, providing a range of services, including contractual, regulatory, administrative and constitutional law, and policy advice, to all sectors of the industry, including new media, telecommunications, broadcasting, computing, e-commerce and associated sectors.  Lisa Thornton Consulting is a sister company located in the USA.
A Unique Approach
Lisa Thornton Inc offers an alternative to the experience of working with large law firms and consulting firms.  Although Lisa Thornton Inc is small, it is able to deliver high quality, professional, solution oriented and timely work product on both small and large matters by focusing on one area of the law and by teaming up with trusted colleagues outside the practice, such as other lawyers, economists, and researchers as appropriate.  Where large firms delegate work to junior, often inexperienced attorneys, Lisa Thornton Inc is able to pull in the right expertise for the right matter.