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ITEC Communications

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ITEC Communications

011 236 2000
Cambridge Commercial Park, Regent Street, Paulshof
Itec is a leading document management and printing, production printing, enterprise communications and financial solutions provider, importing and distributing industry leading and award-winning brands.
Itec incorporates industry-leading expertise and innovative technology to aid companies in meeting today's complex business demands and prepare them for tomorrow's challenges.
Originally founded in 1996, the Itec brand was born in 2004 to provide total office solutions to Itec's client base. The copier, printer and fax business units were merged in 2004 when the company changed its name to Itec and it has grown organically ever since.
You simply can't lead if you follow. You can't innovate when you imitate.
This insight has driven Itec's philosophy of providing integrated solutions for large and medium-size companies. Our solutions streamline business processes, enhance productivity and drive innovation.
How does Itec drive "innovation at work"?
By asking questions - lots of them. We believe that the right questions aimed at the right people result in smart solutions.
Itec's consultative approach results in a strategic partnership with your business, dedicated to the identification of productivity, cost and technological inefficiencies. This allows us to propose and implement innovative and integrated solutions that deliver on your business' expectations and requirements. This process is one of the critical differentiators between Itec and our competitors.
Our holistic, solution-driven methodology has made us the fastest growing and the third largest solutions provider in Southern Africa and United Kingdom with annual aggregated revenue of approximately £150 million / R1.7 billion.
Itec's international footprint stretches from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom, with 47 regional offices.