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Troye redefines employee experience with Citrix

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Troye has announced that Citrix is enhancing its digital workspace solutions to enable people to work with even greater speed, intelligence and simplicity.

Citrix has acquired Sapho, a leading micro app platform which it will use to enhance the guided work capabilities within Citrix Workspace to enable simpler, smarter, faster way to get things done with enhanced guided work capabilities.

Troye managing director Helen Kruger says in today?s competitive labour market, companies that can recruit, develop and engage employees better than the competition will have the advantage. ?Employee experience will ultimately determine winners and losers and Citrix is committed to delivering intelligent digital workspaces that give companies an edge.?

"Wouldn?t it be great if the list of things you need to focus on at work throughout the day along with the insights you need to get them done automatically popped up on your phone, tablet or PC so you didn?t have to sift through your inbox, search your calendar or go six clicks deep into an enterprise application to execute a simple task," she explains.

Citrix delivers intelligent digital workspace solutions that fuel a superior employee experience by organising work so it is more convenient , automating it so that it?s simpler and delivering insights that make it smarter.

Businesses are experiencing a need to securely aggregate and automate access to applications and data from an increasing number and variety of sources, both on-premises and in the cloud.  Citrix understands the need and is evolving its workspaces product to balance security with an improved end-user experience with the goal of elevating employee productivity, and reducing frustration with corporate IT systems among users.

Using Citrix Workspace, companies can give employees flexible access to all the apps and insights they need to work where and how they want and be productive in a single location. They can also leverage innovative technologies such as machine learning alongside simplified workflows to organise work and guide employees through their day, automatically serving up tasks they need to focus on and the intelligence needed to get them done quickly.

Additionally, it can build employee skills and keep them on the cutting edge in their fields.

Sapho?s micro applications improve employee productivity by consolidating access to tools, activities and tasks in a simple and unified work feed.

Kruger says Sapho enables businesses to replace their complicated systems with micro apps and modern workflows that deliver the consumer-driven experience that employees have come to expect. "Employees can now get things done faster, they are more productive and are happier with the experience the company is delivering."

With Sapho, companies can automatically surface personalised and relevant tasks from existing systems and deliver them to any device, intranet or collaboration tool. Details about activities are exposed as micro-apps that provide contextual actions employees can take to complete work faster and make better decisions.

Using proven, pre-defined APIs that integrate with leading enterprise applications and more than 50 micro-apps for applications such as Salesforce, Workday, Concur, ServiceNow, Outlook, Google Drive and more, companies can effectively guide employees through their most common work so that they can get things done and move on.

Sapho is a true cloud-hosted app platform that is easy and fast to configure. It includes a library of ready-to-use connectors and APIs that reduce development time. From contract negotiations, to conceptual design, to development, testing and production, clients are able to roll out in less than three months.

In combining Citrix?s strengths in application delivery and security with Sapho?s focus on work automation and productivity, Citrix and Sapho can help companies create a superior employee experience that redefines the future of work and deliver it today.

"Technology can improve employee experience by helping people to be more productive. These technologies create an intelligent environment that solves productivity challenges that employees and companies are facing by organising work in a single place, guiding work by bringing micro-apps into the environment and automating tasks to increase time for employees to do value-added work," she concludes.

For more information contact Troye at sales@troye.co.za or on (011) 705-2757.

More about Troye (www.troye.co.za)


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