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Is Mobile VoIP Really the Next Best Thing?

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Well, well, well! See, I got a little sneaky in the title ? I did that just for you, since it?s a ?glass half full/glass half empty? sort of title.

The truth of the matter is, that for us, mobile VoIP really is the next thing ? and the best thing. Gone are the early days of the technology when you were hoping that everything would work. Today, the quality and the technology is such that many of the purported ?problems? have been solved, and that?s exactly what we?ve helped to do.

All the pundits out there cling to the early issues, and to be fair, they were problematic. Times have long ago changed, though!  The platforms that are offered today no longer suffer the fate of those even three years ago:

Battery life ? everywhere in the developed world, we hear the same complaints- ?the battery life is terrible? for any personal device. Why?  Well, look at your phone or tablet ? you have 16 programs or apps open!  Seriously, if you have ?Angry Birds? on all day long, you will lose battery life and using VoIP certainly didn?t do it.

VoIP sounds ?tiny? or ?warbly? ? while this is still true to a minor extent, the simple fact is that you are transmitting voice, not files, in real time. Are you singing the opera? No, and if ?face to face? quality is needed, the simple fact is, very few digital networks working in the cellular realm is going to provide that.  Honestly, if you need recording quality, then a mobile VoIP platform can slow you down. In the ?real? world, 99% of users rarely experience sound quality issues.

Of course, the gorilla in the room with the mobile VoIP platform is you have to have a network to be able to use it. Guess what?  We do!  Certainly there are places out in the veld that you aren?t going to be able to use it, but your cellphone isn?t going to work there either and you?d better be on some high ground to be able to use a radio.

So what are the real advantages?  Too many to list, but many users ? even the ?doubting Thomas?s? tell us these points after they have switched over to a mobile VoIP system ? no matter what operating system they are using it with (IOS, Android, PC, etc?).

Mobile VoIP enables users to make calls off the existing cell network, thereby eliminating an entire cost center. This comes handy especially for our larger companies that handle a high volume of calls daily and may save significantly on long distance calls within the organization or to clients internationally.

Mobile phones can utilise VoIP and be linked into the organization?s phone network, thus allowing access to a full menu of features, including video conferencing, call recording, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, 4-way calling and much more. The best part?  Users can move between the office and the mobile unit seamlessly.

By utilising a data network that is already in-house, the cost of setting up a full system for a business or individual is fractional compared to the wiring and infrastructure needed to establish phone service ? especially in new or vintage buildings.

In the end, the decision to move into the future is a very personal one ? for an individual or a company.  I always get a laugh when some of the detractors of the many VoIP providers out there cite issues that have been put to bed long ago.

Today, mobile VoIP offers a complete solution to many of the financial issues that we see holding back business growth ? especially in the entrepreneurial realm.  Personally, I?m very proud that we can help customers and providers along in this journey.

Let me know what you think, and also feel free to like and comment - I would really appreciate that.


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