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Dutchman heading for Cape Town to shake up businesses

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Martijn Aslander looks at the world through a societal and economical lens, he explores the effects of new technologies on society and the economy. The Dutchman is heading for Cape Town to shake up businesses, he will be visiting the mother city from 26 February - 3 March.
Aslander is a stand-up philosopher, boardroom sparring partner and co- author of a Dutch bestseller. He is a hands-on inspirator who synthesizes much of what is going on in this world, what visionary authors, scientists and thinkers have to say about this. Martijn merges this into a comprehensible picture of what is going on and what it means for organisations, business models, markets and innovation.
"I am visiting South-Africa a few times a year, I'll be available for boardroom sparring sessions, one on one advice or even lectures. I guarantee I'll shake up any event and leave audiences feeling amazed and inspired," he says.
He built the largest dolmen in the world, cofounded Lifehacking.nl and Permanent Beta. Both on stage and in his publications he passionately maps technology's complex impact on society.   
In his talk titled 'The future of networks and information society that is already here', Aslander discusses why it is no longer about what you own or what you know, but about your attitude and your ability to adapt.
He also looks at 'Doing business beyond money - using the resources that are at your disposal'. This topic will forever change the way you look at the future of big corporates and the idea of ownership. You will learn how a phenomenon like Do It Yourself, the Swarm and Permanent Beta can forever change and improve the future of South Africa.
Finally, 'Guerrilla tactics for personal development: taking the fast lane to learning smart and fast' takes a fascinating view on how you can mobilise an endless amount of knowledge, and benefit from resources and ideas in your network.
"All you need to do is ask and make smarter use of the tools that are at your disposal to get things done and learn. I will illustrate via inspiring examples that learning smart and fast is a mindset. It will open your eyes to new possibilities," he concludes.
For more information visit https://www.martijnaslander.international/ or email assistant@martijn.international if you want Martijn to shake up your business.


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