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AIGS Insights and POC Technologies embed Yellowfin BI in health, insurance and retail solutions

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AIGS Insights, the South African distributor of Yellowfin business intelligence (BI) software, has concluded Yellowfin?s 40th integration partnership in a deal with Centurion-based POC Technologies.

The companies announced their intention to embed Yellowfin?s BI technology into POC?S BI and data management solutions for the health, insurance & retail industries, further fuelling Yellowfin?s adoption by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Creating value ? with and for partners

Gustav Piater, sales and marketing director at AIGS Insights, says Yellowfin enjoys extensive analyst recognition for its enterprise customer solutions. This is increasingly matched by the successes of its innovative embedded analytics solutions under its ISV partner programme.

Piater says Yellowfin?s South African customers tend to favour BI that comes embedded into their core industry applications, while organisations in more mature markets tend to prefer integrating Yellowfin?s standalone BI platform into their enterprise application environment.

?The specific form of procurement depends on the customer and market, but the embedded model has benefits for our ISV partner base as well as their end-user customer base,? he says.

?Our partners capitalise on the value of not having to build their own BI module when their application can have world-class BI out of the box. They can effortlessly create a new revenue stream with their new analytic capability.?

?As for their end-customers, particularly in developing economies, they prefer having advanced analytical capabilities without the monetary or time investment of a full-scale BI implementation. So, it adds tremendous value to our partners, their customers and the industries they operate in.?

Easy to integrate, use and do business with

Piater says partners and customers alike put a premium on Yellowfin?s short time to value. Due to its native Web app architecture, Yellowfin is easily integrated into the source code of enterprise industry applications and allows tight integration at source.

?Another popular feature is the easy collaboration, in a comment-and-reply format we have all become used to with social media.?

Don Elliott, business consultant at POC, says these factors drew the company to Yellowfin as an exciting emerging player in the BI space.

?It?s early days yet, as we?re just beginning the migration of our products to Yellowfin, but the amount of support we?re getting from AIGS Insights and their willingness to share knowledge with us has been very encouraging. We envisage easier deployment of our products with their help, shortening customers? implementation time and speeding up return on investment.?

Innovative, shared-risk licensing and pricing
But perhaps the biggest drawcard for POC ? and no doubt other ISV partners ? is Yellowfin?s innovative and flexible licensing and pricing model.

?Yellowfin?s unique licensing proposition for ISVs gives us the confidence to develop new embedded solutions as well as migrate our existing ones,? says Anton Gerber, POC?s managing director.

?We have the assurance that our licensing costs will only grow in line with our ability to charge for our solutions, significantly lowering the risks associated with porting solutions to a new platform.?

In addition, Yellowfin is open to charging ISVs at the same frequency as the ISV does its client, which in POC?s case is monthly. ?This stops us having to fund and carry the risk of an annual commitment to the vendor versus a monthly commitment from our clients. Such risk-sharing is what true and long-lasting partnerships are built on,? Gerber says.

Piater says Yellowfin will even consider licensing based on customer business drivers other than a strict number of users ? be that overall kilometres travelled for a logistics firm or a per-store charge for a retailer.

Technology that backs marketing promises
Yellowfin?s centralised Web-based architecture supports its integrative credentials and innovative approach to licensing.

Native clustering and multi-tenancy (client orgs) support in the Yellowfin platform enables the client?s deployment to grow vertically and horizontally with ease without duplicating effort.

?For the reseller market, Yellowfin?s tiered pricing for scaled deployments is a feature of their Professional and Enterprise licencing models. It supports unlimited cores, allowing the client?s capacity to grow to meet their BI needs,? Elliot says.

Different for everyone
All considered, the Point of Care example shows that Yellowfin and AIGS Insights are willing to work very closely with partners on their specific integration and pricing needs.

?Yellowfin understands every business engages the platform differently. This flexibility to back the embedded BI vision allows us and our partners to reach many more users in a way that makes sense for everyone,? says Piater.


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