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Benefits of using a Wireless System

Benefits of using a Wireless System

Access when you need it most

If your business has a site that is located in a remote area where no fixed line access is possible, microwave access is an ideal alternative. It is also a suitable redundancy access medium to ensure that your business enjoys uninterrupted business connectivity if your primary access is unavailable


The link can be re-deployed at a new facility should you relocate your business. Any services (voice or data) will remain the same - you take all communications with you

High Speed Connectivity

A microwave connection can provide high-speed business connectivity with enough bandwidth for use of any business application which is bandwidth intensive

Cost Savings

When comparing the costs of a microwave link to the cost of fibre, or the ongoing monthly cost of leased lines, microwave always offers considerable savings. Fixed line carriers charge high monthly annuity costs and often require a lengthy contract just to connect two businesses, if even just a few hundred metres apart. If fibre does not exist in the building already, the cost to install is usually very high. With a microwave system, the costs always results in break even in just a few months

Lead Time for Installation

It could take many months to get leased lines or new fibre implemented. With the radio technology available today, especially with short-haul radio systems, a customer can have a gigabit connection between two buildings installed and up and running in a matter of a few days


Fibre or leased lines are still cabled to the business - just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it can't break. With cabled last-mile solutions, connectivity could be interrupted as a result of a man-hole fire or some other disaster in the street. In some cases, once a businesses has observed how quickly a wireless link can be installed (and services restored) they often retain the microwave solution for primary connectivity, or as a backup to primary fibre or leased lines when it would be disastrous for the business to lose communications between the various points. It’s always a good idea to have backup connectivity for critical applications


Microwave technology allows you to quickly and easily adapt your connection to meet your evolving business needs. Increasing Voice channels or Data throughput could be as simple as a telephone call with your service provider.